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Author Topic: relationship spells...  (Read 3378 times)
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« Reply #3: August 11, 2008, 05:30:21 pm »

Well, for many Wiccans, a spell like that would take you into a gray area of magic. It runs along the thin line between what is and what is not manipulation, and is a very debated subject. Some people argue that any spell placed on another without their permission is considered "black magic", even if the spell itself is for something positive, because if it is successful it involves a manipulation of their free will (I use the term "black magic" in quotation because I don't really subscribe to the "black/white magic" concept in the way it's generally accepted). Others look at any magic meant to achieve a positive end as being positive in and of itself, regardless of any manipulation involved. It's something you have to decide for yourself. The way I look at it is that I personally would not want anyone doing anything that infringes on my free will, even if they mean well (even in cases that have nothing to with magic). That's just me, though, and you have to draw your own conclusions.

I'm not trying to tell you what to do way one or the other, I'm just letting you know you're getting into one of the stickier areas of magic. You're fairly young and if you're new to Wicca you might have not had much experience with this aspect of magic yet, so I'm trying to help you out, not get on your case   Smiley

Regardless of the "black/white magic" debate, my more practical advice is maybe your parents have issues they need to deal with and any magical influence to make them dismiss those issues without dealing with them would cause more problems in the long run. All relationships have problems, it's normal, and all couples fight at times. If it's a near-constant, very heated type of fighting it may indicate a problem that's more serious than the usual day-to-day problems and if so it's even more important they address it. I know it's hard when your parents fight, so you have my sympathies on that. Maybe instead of turning first to magic, maybe you can try to talk to your parents about it. I also know it can be hard to confide in your parents, but in a situation like this, it's probably a good idea to try. They may be able to make you feel better about the situation (letting you know it's normal to fight, there's nothing to worry about, etc) or maybe if you bring it to their attention they'll realize their fighting is hurting you, and they may try to take steps to deal with their problems in a more constructive way (counseling or such). No matter what you decide to do, I wish you luck. And as trite as it may sound, no matter what happens between your parents, it doesn't mean they love you any less. A bit cheesy? Yes. But the reason it's been said so many times is because it's true.

(P.S. To the mods, I only edited the entry for a misspelling.)

their fighting isn't really heated, just sometimes my mom thinks that my dad is too bossy, my dad can think that my mom is too silly sometimes, ect.  i don't want to use magic to make them ignore the problems, but just to help them get over them quicker.  as for placing a spell on someone else being considered black magic, i think that you have to be aware of what kind of a preson that is.  i probobaly wouldn't put a good spell on my catholic friend, but i have read also that magic can be considered almost as a kind of praying (i read this is S.R.W's BOS, so i'm not sure what you think of her...)so if praying for a person is okay, magic w/ good intent should be too??  i mean, you wouldn't pray for a person with bad intent, although there isbad magic too.

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