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Author Topic: Planes of existence  (Read 13448 times)
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« Reply #21: August 19, 2008, 04:35:35 pm »

Crazy Button On:

Duly noted.

The way I see it, everything living thing in the universe has an energetic body, which is a requirement for life as I have come to know it.

In which case, I won't comment on this particularly, as you note that it is an opinion.  Of course, I see no reason to share your opinion, or think it accurate.

It can be seen in humans as the little electrical synapses in our brains, traveling through us and telling the rest of our body what to do.

I guess I have to tackle it at this stage.  Synapses do not an energetic body make.  You're going from 'electrical energy' to a whole set of ideas that aren't justified by what is known.  If you want to say you believe in the astral, be my guest, but I'd suggest dropping the pseudo-science.

So when we die, where does all of that energy go? Only 10% is passed on as consumable energy to anything else, and it’s a basic rule of physics that energy can be neither created nor destroyed.

I think there'll come a day when I *cry* whenever I see this trotted out - the energy being neither created nor destroyed part.  If I pulp up a wardrobe, I'll have wooden splinters, but I won't have a wardrobe.  When a human life ends, you have a non-functioning body, which will deteriorate further over time until there is nothing left.  Life is sustained by the body.  When the body conks out in a variety of ways, you become dead.  As for your mind, that isa function of your brain.  It is clear that when stuff is done to the brain, stuff happens to the mind.  Like that guy who took a large pole through the head and lost his morality.  Or the people who suffer adversely from drugs and become psychotic due to the effect of chemicals on their brains.  This suggests to me that the mind depends on the brain, and would suggest that without a functioning brain, there is no mind.  Once the body fails, the brain soon follows.

Scientists say it escapes as heat energy, that makes sense. But when they go looking for ghosts, what do they measure?

Here you make an assumption that people hunting for ghosts are *correct* in that ghosts exist.  Furthermore, you go on in your next bit to assume that the temperature is the root element, rather than a symptom.

Variations in tempatures (…Albeit that’s usually a change in tempature for the cooler, but I’m human, not the Universe Encyclopedia…)

Fear not, I have not been confused in this regard.

so let’s assume this energy escaping our body is still a conscious entity, i.e. us,

Hell of an assumption there.  I mean, hell, there's no evidence to support this, and all evidence so far suggests that without a brain, we don't have a mind.  I'd love to see how you think *temperature* will power a mind.  It lacks everything associated with cognition.  Synapses, chemicals, A BRAIN.
It seems about on the same level as assuming that a pink unicorn made the world.  You can assume what you like, but without even a trace bit of backing for your reasoning, beyond assumptions, they're about on the same level.

and that the body itself is merely a tool for creation of physical goods. (…That’s a completely different topic…)

Because the Gods are real, and also capitalists?

Since we are able to leave our body as this energetic entity when the physical body has reached it’s sell by date,

again, an assumption.  Your argument only follows if we do survive as thinking patches of heat.  Again, given what we know about the mind, biology, and so forth, this seems...well, I was going to say 'unlikely', but that insults the probabilities, I feel.

it seems reasonable to assume that it may be possible to do this prior to death as well. Hence, ASTRAL TRAVEL…

Umm..even WERE your scenario involving surviving as heat were *true*, that would by no means imply that you could wander around as heat at will, and return.  Incidentally, if you think of that as some kind of animating spark, methinks you'd be coming back to a dead body.  And now you have me talking as if your assumptions were likely or reasonable. Smiley

The astral plane itself is harder to understand, I think of it as a room with a million doors. You start in the same place, but there are a million different places you can go all separate and individual from each other.

Presumably a room with no radiators, what with all the heat wandering around.

I think this is the afore mentioned energetic body I’ve spoken of, and I think there are variations in color.

Wait, you can go places, so this is the body?  The astral plane *is* the body?  I'm not even following that once I discard the pseudo-science.  I also fail to see the relevance of the colour.

As a means to differentiate between energies, I believe there are variations in intensity. (… I would be a lightbulb, a God/Goddess might be the sun…) But when you look at light, which is what you’d be viewing the energy as, it occurs in various colors, due to intensity. (…I think… Any scientists in the forum?..)

You're worried about good science now?

I believe this is what causes colors in the energetic body to be unique to a certain being. do you think the intensity variations were put there to create a distinction, or do you see them as having occurred naturally?  Either way, how would you differentiate between people?  Surely they'd look about the same, if it's a variation based on power?

•Correct my if my physics are wrong, which I think they may be…

And that's the only bit you were worried about? Smiley

If anal prolapse teaches us anything, it's that it is what is inside that counts.

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