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Author Topic: Would the Gods exist without us?  (Read 10237 times)
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Religion: Stoic (with declining druidic/wiccish hangovers and emergent Hellenic/Kemetic affiliations)
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Marc Larkin 6marc9

« Reply #30: June 08, 2009, 09:37:54 pm »

On the other hand, I'm not sure where I stand with home/hearth type deities that to me, clearly sprang out of human communities and societies. Do they continue without us? I don't know. I'd like to think so... but to me it would also make sense if they didn't. If they sprang from human community, they might not be able to survive without it.

To me such deities suggest an understanding in which (just as many cells living together over time manifest the spirit that we know as a person) the association of people and behaviour and place over time can do likewise. Their continuance would hinge to an extent on whether they were the same in all times and places or specific to each instance and on the role of the people's understanding of such.

For example, Deity X rules over 'the home' in a given culture, and each home has a shrine to Deity X in the house, which is understood as embodying the presence of the deity in the home. Is the Deity X that is manifest in one person's home simultaneously the same as the Deity X manifest in the home of their neighbour? Or, are both seperate instances of Deity X? If so, what is their relationship? Does the belief of the culture make any difference here?

These questions are important because they reveal things about the nature of the gods that can help put a grounding under any answer to the question at hand. For example, if it matters that the people believe one or the other to be true, then I would suggest that the gods are dependent on people for their existence; whereas, if the nature of the gods is independent of people, then it should not matter which explanation the people believe to be true.

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« Reply #31: October 24, 2009, 12:09:12 pm »

This is something that I've seen touched upon in many threads before, but I wanted to ask it as a direct question:

Do you think the Gods would still exist if humans didn't?

I think the forces that we call gods and put into human form to help ourselves understand them would still exist, but I don't think there is a community of person-like beings with supernatural powers that exists outside of the human imagination.
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The Loco Engineer

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« Reply #32: October 27, 2009, 11:46:07 am »

I think the forces that we call gods and put into human form to help ourselves understand them would still exist, but I don't think there is a community of person-like beings with supernatural powers that exists outside of the human imagination.

Why not? I'm the monotheist here, but I have no problem whatsoever with the idea of a divine/supernatural civilization—we call it Heaven. Quite possibly more than one. How they are linked together and whether they are in harmony or in conflict is pure conjecture, but I have no problem with postulating their existence.


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