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Author Topic: The Craft - Getting over uneasiness?  (Read 3906 times)
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Collinsky CollinskyCo

« Reply #2: March 10, 2009, 01:06:53 am »

Oh, and while I'm at it, another question came to mind.

In most cases, spell casting calls for objects. Candles, herbs, knives, all sorts of items. Why is it that one needs objects in order to worship? Are they catalysts to help move energy and thoughts? What is their purpose and how do they affect spell casting?

It would help to know if you are speaking from a Wiccan perspective when you ask about "the Craft" - because I'm assuming that a Wiccan might do things quite differently from me, and have a different understanding of the meaning and use of tools. I practice low magick only, which tends to be very relaxed and comes naturally as I go about my day. It's just woven right in. I don't cast circles, call corners, no watchtowers are involved. I will answer anyway in case something might be useful to you.

I started with very simple things, involving objects I already used and tasks I already did. I think my first spell was when I ironed my husband's uniform - I ironed in a spell of protection and safety. Every time I iron his clothes, that is my ritual. I sweep the floor as part of a spell for banishing (corn flakes *and* bad energy/spirits LOL). When I make dinner for my family, I might choose a particular herb not only for it's flavor, but for it's healthful or magickal properties. I stir in spells for health, or well-being, or for peacefulness (whatever) into my food. I stir one way for banishing, and the other way for drawing. I might sprinkle salt at the doorway with a spell of protection.  It is fairly informal and unceremonial. Honestly NO ONE would know that I do any of these things as spellwork - even if they watched me - if they weren't informed. I think low magick is an excellent choice for those who are nervous about getting started or aren't able to be open about doing spells.

My tools are whatever is handy and seems appropriate, common household items. (Besom, wooden spoon, candles.) I think the idea of them being catalysts is pretty accurate; they help with focus, to channel the intent into the physical realm. Particularly when you have a specific tool or two that are very often used in spellwork, an automatic association grows over time - each time I hold the wooden spoon that I often use in my kitchen witchery, it helps me to get into the mental space more easily, because of the association with the other times it has been used for magic. (And perhaps it does hold the energy of that intent, and that is being accessed each time. Could be.) I believe (could be off a little or a lot) that in Wicca, it is thought that the tools are imbued with certain energies, and that that is integral to the practice - the ceremonial tools are intentionally charged with energies for their purpose, and if they are protected and not cleansed of that energy they will hold on to it, for future use.  They are very important for raising the energy of the circle.

Because my magic is so intertwined with my regular, mundane life, and not really something separate, it feels very natural and comfortable to me. I think if I were to ever do high magick, the first few times I'd feel silly - it seems to me that that is probably fairly common, particularly if you are practicing alone and not able to learn directly from more experienced people. Do you feel simply awkward, or do you feel fear that you might do something incorrectly and that there will be a bad outcome because of that? I'm sure that's also a common fear with the ceremonial magick where a large part of it seems to be raising and directing energies in a very powerful way. While I can't say how to overcome it, I can say it sounds quite normal.

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