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Author Topic: Common Cauldron Abbreviations  (Read 13022 times)
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« Topic Start: March 03, 2007, 08:55:50 am »

Here are some common abbreviations you may see at the Cauldron:

ADM    Atlantean Dolphin Masters (a Cauldron joke)
AFAIK    As Far As I Know
BTW    By The Way, or British Traditional Wicca/Witchcraft/Wiccan/Witch, depending on context
BNP    Big Name (or National) Pagan
CM    Ceremonial Magick/Ceremonial Magican
DD    Dear Daughter
DH    Dear Husband
ETA    Edited to Add (rarely Estimated Time of Arrival)
F/X    For Example
FAQ    Frequently Asked Questions
FF    Fumble Fingers
FWIW    For What It's Worth
G    Grin
G&D    Grin & Duck
G&D&R    Grin & Duck & Run
G&D&RLH Grin & Duck & Run Like Hell
GMTA    Great Minds Think Alike
HP    High Priest
HPS    High Priestess
IIRC    If I Recall/Remember Correctly
IMHO    In My Humble/Honest Opinion
IMNSHO    In My Not So Humble Opinion
IMO    In My Opinion
IOW    In Other Words
JCI    Judaism, Christianity, and Islam (the "big three" Abrahamic religions)
JIC    Just In Case
JK    Just Kidding
L    Laugh
LJ    LiveJournal
LMAO    Laughing My Ass Off
LOL    Laugh Out Loud
MOF    (As A) Matter of Fact
MMC    Maiden/Mother/Crone
NP    No Problem
OIC    Oh, I See
OMG    Oh My God(s)
OTOH    On The Other Hand
PITA    Pain In The Ass
POV    Point Of View
PW's Pagan/Wiccan Religion board
ROTFLOL Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud
SAHM    Stay At Home Mom
SO    Significant Other
TC    The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum
tM    The Morrigan
TIA    Thanks In Advance
TMI    Too Much Information
TT    The Thicket (A Witches' Thicket on Delphiforums)
TWO    Teen Witch Online
TWV    The Witches' Voice (aka WitchVox)
TY    Thank You
UPG    Uncomfirmed (or Unverified) Personal Gnosis
VEG    Very Evil Grin
W/R/T    With Regard To
WEG    Wide Evil Grin
WG    Wide Grin
YMMV    Your Mileage May Vary (i.e. Things may be different for you)
YW    You're Welcome

You will probably only see these in chat:

AFK    Away From Keyboard
B    Back
BBIAB    Be Back In A Bit
BBL    Be Back Later
BRB    Be Right Back
CUL   See You Later
TTFN    Ta Ta For Now
TTYL    Talk To You Later
WB    Welcome Back
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