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Author Topic: Questions about Deities, Rituals, and Adherence (Wiccan)  (Read 3925 times)
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« Reply #1: August 05, 2009, 03:03:14 am »

When I think of a deity belonging to a monotheistic religion (for all intents and purposes, I am grouping Wicca in with that, despite it being a duotheistic (spelling?) religion when one only considers the God and Goddess, since two deities is a far cry from the many deities polytheistic religions and old cultures have), I think of an all powerful, all knowing being who can change the very fabric of reality with a single thought. Is this the same with the God and Goddess of Wicca, or are their powers more limited?

First of all, I should point out that I'm not Wiccan and my reading in regards to it is lacking, but I will try answer you're questions to the best of my knowledge of it and if I mess something up, someone else will be kind enough to correct me.

The Wiccans I know generally don't think of their God and Goddess as limited, at least in the sense you seem to be describing. I think that it's generally thought that they possess the power to change the 'fabric of reality' as you call it but generally prefer to work within the framework they've set up. It not so much a matter of ability as it is a matter of preference.

Are they known to get involved in human affairs often, or more or less just provide spiritual strength when asked?

Your relationship with deities is deeply personal. While deities tend to have a way in they prefer to work, they don't necessarily work the same way with everyone. I think with the Wiccan God and Goddess varies even more so being that many Wiccans I've met claim that all gods and goddesses are merely faces of the God and the Goddess. If that's so, then you have a wide range of personalities and mediums they would work in.

Though it's worth mentioning that there are those who believe the God and the Goddess are separate from other gods and goddesses (if I remember correctly, those from the more traditional ceremonial circles of Wicca tend to hold this view) and as for that I cannot speak definitively on. Though I think most gods dabble in human affairs often enough.

If they are all knowing, how does that exactly work with Free Will? (Christianity never exactly explained that, giving it one of the many strikes that eventually drove me away. After all, if you know all, then you also know the future, which means all actions are predetermined, in which case, why would a Hell even exist if we can't control what we do?)

Not exactly sure of this from a Wiccan perspective except that there's no hell in Wicca so Free Will is a less painful burden to have or not have.

Personal perspective is that no god or goddess is completely all knowing. That they have a beginning and therefore an end, but that doesn't make them any less important or powerful. This all stems from my view of creation. If you want further explanation, just ask.

How do they view evil?

Most of the Wiccans I know personally are nondualistic which means they don't believe in the forces of good and evil. It varies among solitaries and I'm not sure of some of the well known groups' perspectives.

Personally I believe there is no good and evil. Everything just is.

If they are all good and have set views on what is evil and what is good, then why would they allow evil?

Again I think this goes back to the fact that they like to play by their own rules. Once they've set up the game they can only change it in so many ways. Bad things are only bad because of our perspective.

As for rituals, does one have to follow them to the letter, or is variance (and I mean more drastic variance, not, "Oh, that is allowed to be two inches shorter/oh, you can do that alone/in a group," style variance) allowed? If variance is allowed, how much is allowed? (E.G. is a circle needed for ones where, when talking about the ritual letter for letter, it says to prepare one? things like that)

With solitary, a lot of it is whatever feels right. Circles and Covens tend to make rule regarding those things. Personally, I think whatever feels the best is what you should do. I think there's more power in that than following per-constructed rules with little meaning to the performer.

Also, how does one exactly FIND spells?
The Spell Grimoire in the side bar is an excellent place to start.

Hope I didn't confuse you more. It is very late where I'm from.

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