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Title:The Guide to Quick-Witchcraft or, a Complete Introduction to Easy, Fast Witchcraft
Author: Fairy Goddess-Mother
Trade Paper, 100 pages, 242 pictures!
Publisher: Llightllewellyn, Inc.
ISBN: 999666999D
Price: To Be Announced

Advertising Tag: "Move over Trad folks - There's New Witch in Town"

In this powerful and innovative new book, The Guide to Quick-Witchcraft subtitled Complete Introduction to Easy, Fast Witchcraft, the author "auntie" Faerie Goddess-Mother teaches the next generation of Witchcraft, Quick-Witchcraft, in an easy-to-undestand form for the benefit of everybody who wants to get the amazing power of being a Witch into their lives.

Cover IlloIn this book, Faerie Goddess-Mother takes you by the hand and leads you to the wonderful world of Magick and a completely new world of self-realization. She takes you to a religion you have always wanted to belong to, but had never before even known was in existence. Her style is welcoming, capturing, summoning, informal and very easy to follow. You will feel like you were chatting with an old friend of yours while reading this book. You will feel like you belong, like you already were a part of a bigger whole - which, of course, you are!

Quick-Witchcraft is a complete and amazingly liberating Neo-Pagan belief system. It is a true next step forward from the obsolete and so very suffocatingly restricting Wicca, ideas the times have long since passed. Quick-Witchcraft has been perfectly formulated to suit people of a new age. Quick-Witchcraft is the first ever Pagan Path that is truly suitable for everybody. It simply does not have any aspects that would cause a follower to be shunned by the society, unlike with all the other previous Neo-Pagan religions.

No more elitist demands for any kinds of "initiations". No more "the year and a day period starts from the dedication ritual" -- you can start counting your very own year and a day wherever you want, for example from the day you read this article! After all, you have just taken a very important step in your path. No more restrictions placed upon getting clergy status, still upheld by obsolete, power-hungry groups. No more "there are certain basics you simply can't change to meet your own needs" kind of narrow-minded thinking. No more shameful religious practices a modern human shuns away from - for example nudity. Quick-Witchcraft is totally PC. Quick-Witchcraft is everything the world needs today! Now, you can do it all yourself! After all, only you know what is best for you and nobody else can ever look into your heart and tell you what you need to know.

Tap into the mythical powers of the Old Religions, the Goddess and the God, the Magick and the Mysteries in a completely new and innovative way. Discover the old secrets made new - without having to dig them up by yourself from dusty, boring old books!

Read the inspirational insights into the world of Magick and how you too can make it work for your benefit with the power of the Goddess and the God. Learn that you can harness the powers of the Dragons. Learn that you too can make the Fae folk help you totally at your will. Learn that you too can tame the wild Unicorn!

From this book, you too can learn how to cast Magick Circles - easily, effectively and what's most important: it is completely safe. There are marvelous, absolutely working instructions for spells on all the most important fields of using Witchcraft powers, for example spells for money, love, success, binding, restricting, protecting and power. (NOTE: All the spells in this book are strictly and totally Good White Magick!) You will also find perfect rituals for every Sabbat to be performed alone, together with a friend, in a group of the magickal number four, or even in a little larger group of people! There are exact instructions on all the tools required for practicing Witchcraft (you can buy these tools directly from Llightllewellyn, discount prize for those buying this book) and tips on how to dress like a proper Witch.

Faerie Goddess-Mother's latest book is a genuine treasure and the only book a modern day Witch needs to have.

Other recommended books by the same author: "How to Start My Own Tradition?" and "Are You Feeling Alone? High Priestess' Guide for Starting a Coven".

Llightllewellyn, Inc. recommends the Safe Witch Kit as the perfect supplement to this book. Place copies of the Safe Witch Kit next to this book and watch your sales (and profits) soar!

Copyright © 2001 Faerie K.
(Who had fun writing this!)

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