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Home > Pagan Children > Story: Hawk Search

by Daven and his daughter

Once upon a time, in the time before time, in this no-time and no-place, all of the creatures were choosing what they would look like, what they would be when their time of being was upon them.

Some creatures were swift to choose and some were slow, some were thoughtful and some were hasty.

The first creature who choose was hasty but smart. She knew her heart almost instantly so she approched Spirit. Not fast and not slow, not in fear, but proudly, boldly.

"Spirit, I am ready!"

Spririt sparkled with all the colors that would be in the world and Spirit's voice sounded as sweet as the chiming of a hundred bells.

"And what is it you wish to be?"

"I choose flashing speed on wings of air!"

Long wings appeared stretching wide.

"I would dance on the heights of air." And again the wings grew until it seemed that the entire sky would be filled.

"A keen eye would help me see my prey from on high!"

Suddenly she shouted in triumph for she could see the very particles that life is made of.

"Is that all?" Spirit chimed mildly. Many creatures quailed before this gigantic creature for she would surely threaten to make prey of them all.

"No, Spirit- Not yet! Talons on my feet sharp and strong to grab my prey!"

Swiftly they grew. Claws sharp and long surely able to tear the very earth to shreds.

Chimed spirit, "Is that all?"

Loud laughed the creature and all but Spirit shook in fear. With wings so powerful eyes so sharp and talons so powerful surely this creature would eat them all!

"Oh no Spirit!" And now the creature's voice roared like a storm. "A beak to match my magnificent wings and beautiful talons!"

Surely never on Earth had there been such a beak! Long and longer it grew until it seemed to shadow all of the creatures near it and those not so near it.

"Is that all?" And still SPirit's voice was gentle and soft.

"YES! YES! For I shall rule the Earth and soar high above it!"

"Will you?" Spirit asked. "Try- try to fly."

And the creature stretched it's wings and began to flap them strong and hard. It's talons dug into the ground making huge gouges in the surface ripping through it as though it did not exist.

The other creatures wailed and cowered huddling to make themselves as small as possible.

And yet, the giant bird did not rise in the air. Harder she strained, making whirlwinds that blew other creatures away, and still she did not rise.

Finally, exhausted, she stopped. A scream tore from her throat that sounded like a clap of thunder.

Softly, gently, Spirit chimed, "What is wrong?"

A great tear rolled down from her eye, making a lake.

"What good is size if I cannot fly? What good are eyes that can see the smallest particle if that is all they can see? What good are talons to grasp with if I can find nothing to grab?"

And Spirit laughed with the sound of leaves rippling in the breeze.

"Indeed! And so, small and small."

The giant bird began to shrink until it was just the right size and Spirit spoke again.

"Rider of the Air, indeed shall you be but Earth will not be your friend. If you touch it, land on it, hard will be your rise back to the sky."

Still proud, the bird mantled and said, "I will learn to catch my prey without landing on the Earth!"

Spirit laughed our loud and strong. "Indeed! And you will be called Hawk!"

And so it was.

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