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Home > Pagan Children > Story: Mouse Search

by Daven and his daughter

In the time before time, once long ago, in this no-time in this no-place all of the creatures were choosing what they would look like, what they would be like when their time of being was on them.

A creature was wishing and wishing hard that Spirit would not notice her too much. Her heart beat very hard when she even thought He might looking in the direction she happened to be standing near.

When that happened she ran and hid. She was very good at scurrying quickly into cover.

She hoped that He would notice yet she also feared that He would notice her.

Spirit, of course, knew of her fear and knew of her desire. But Spirit was wise and He waited. She would choose when she chose.

The scurrying one also feared Hawk and feared Eagle and feared those she knew had not chosen. "Oh dear," she thought, "what if they choose to be something that will eat me?" And her heart beat hard in her chest as though she was running as fast as she possibly could.

As Spirit knew would happen, strain and tension became too much to bear very quickly.

One day when it was not light and not dark, she happened to run right where Spirit was standing.

"OH!" she screeched and jumped high in the air. What was she to do? It would be so rude to just leave, but she was SO frightened!

Suddenly she felt a warm, gentle breeze around her.

"Little one," The voice of Spirit was warm and soft and quiet like a gentle spring breeze.

"OH!" she squeaked again. Her heart beat so fast she thought it would explode.

"You know what it is you wish to be?"

Trembling she nodded.

"Yet, you are afraid to tell me."

She nodded a small, shamed nod.

"Then, think little one and so it shall be."

But she couldn't think. She could hardly breathe! What could she do?

She felt the warmth of Spirit all around her and finally she was able to feel her wish. "To be small, not too noticeable, to be fast and good at hiding."

"Small indeed." The wind whispered "And hard to see. You are right to be afraid, for Hawk and Eagle will chase you and so I will make a gift to you.

"Many and many will your children be, more than ever can be eaten by any creature. You will always find food and your family will grow and surround you for faith and courage."

The creature shrank and became brown. Tiny feet and almost hands appeared and suddenly she could smell very keenly. Long whiskers grew so that she could even feel the gentlest breeze of Spirit.

And so Mouse came to be.

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