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Literal Myth
by Hekersebeqenaset


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I don't know any Kemetics that take the myths literally.

Each story has a meaning behind the events within it. They are ways to help explain the cosmos, the Gods' relationship to people and the people's relationship to the world.

The creator stories start out with a void (Nun) and then a creator deity differentiates his or her self from that chaos. Everything comes into being by a certain action like spoken word, molding with hands or masturbation. Ma'at and Heka come into being as well. The Gods created humans. This tells us three things about the world:

1) There is chaos surrounding the created world and so the created world must be kept safe from being consumed back into the Nun. This is done through Ra's slaying of Isfet (Apep) every night which is a constant renewal of all creation.

2) Humans can help by keeping Ma'at which renews themselves and all of creation. Heka can be used to effect creation, while Ma'at is upheld this benefits creation, but when it is not in Ma'at, then this brings the humans not in Ma'at and all of creation a step away from Ma'at. Since Ma'at is the foundation of creation, the created world must always gravitate toward Ma'at and eventually balance is restored.

3) Humans are the sons and daughters of the Gods. The Gods are the Parents--Mothers and Fathers--of human beings. This would mean the Gods would care about humanity and do what is necessary to ensure its survival. The world is the abundance of the Gods and humans are apart of that.

Creation myths I don't think are literally true, but there are truths in them, like how the world works, the nature of the Gods, and how humans interact with the world.

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