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Home > Reconstructionism > Egyptian/Kemetic > Menstruation and Blood Taboo Search

Menstruation and Blood Taboo
by Hekersebeqenaset


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Kemetic purity requirements for ritual have a blood taboo. This isn't just aimed at women; no one is allowed in formal ritual while they are bleeding. And as the requirement isn't just aimed at women I've been told it really isn't a women's issue. Well, I'd say inadvertently, it ends up being so. Women, on a regular cycle, bleed every month and because of this women are excluded from doing ritual during those times. We miss celebrations, rituals and saqu. We miss time in shrine.

Other religions use this "impure time of women" to disallow women from being priests; thank Gods that Kemeticism isn't one of them. There are other restrictions besides, like where women can sit and in some cases they have to "make up" the ritual they missed because of their menstruation (in Kemetic religion, sometimes I feel like I have to do this or I should just skip the holiday--which excludes me either way). This has been used to exclude women in society from both the secular and religious realms. Given this, when I first came to Kemeticism, it took me awhile to come to terms with the blood taboo.

I've been told metaphysically speaking, the reason is loss of life energy or that blood is the potential creation energy and can't be taken into a formal ritual.

Don't tell me having my period is a punishment from God or my "price" for being able to have children. Let's be honest, periods aren't fun. There is bloating, headaches, stomachaches, loss of blood which makes one feel lethargic, cramps, mood swings, hot flashes, and chills. And there is more that could be added to that list, depending on the woman. I know when I have mine, I'm not up to doing much of anything. Although, once I get Midol into my system, I feel much better. Whomever made Midol is a Godsend.

All that aside, I still miss ritual. I miss connection. And I don't know the answer to this question.

I sometimes use this time (once I take midol), to work on my web site (AsetNet) or to read. I use it like it's a break from doing ritual and focus on other things.

I don't know if that is side stepping the issue or not. I don't like that almost every religion on the planet has a taboo against women during their menstruation (or having a taboo on blood which would include this). This is very disturbing to me. I make a calendar that I will have to skip some of the holidays for. Why? Why am I doing this? I don't know anymore.

So, if anyone would like to enlighten my bullheaded brain, please do so.

Okay, my brain has been enlightened. (Iamba, you rock!) You can look at this issue in two ways: missing out on religion or a natural time to purge yourself. Biologically, menstruations are a waste product of your body. Emotionally, it is a purging of negative feelings in a healthy way. I feel angry; it is just apart of who I am. I get angry easily (and often) when I have my monthly. The hormones going crazy during my period help me purge my angry side. Burn the excess.

I'm still going to do other things like read and work on my web site during my period. I'll also add steps to take time to purge the excess or unnecessary things in my life at the same time.

Also, Lilairen (Darkhawk) has a great accommodation for doing rite during periods. It is here.

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