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Money and Kemeticism
by Hekersebeqenaset


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The Kemetic Faith as a religion isn't big enough to sponsor salaried clergy.

Most aren't Priests full time. They have jobs too. You might think that they wouldn't charge much for their services.

Parent Divinations (if offered) are $50-$53 dollars.

Personal divinations vary based on the diviner and type of divination. Most of them are $40-$60 dollars.

You may be wondering why anyone with a successful job would charge this much. This isn't so much about price as it is an energy exchange. You are paying for the diviner's time and the money is an offering to the Netjer. You must give up something to get something in return. The axiom, I give so that you may give, applies here. This sacrifice often comes in the form of money and sometimes can manifest as a barter instead.

If someone doesn't have the financial means to pay for a divination, then a barter system can be implemented. If you draw for instance, draw a picture for BOTH the Netjer and the diviner.

I would beware of anyone that charges an exorbitant amount of money for divinations.

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