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Temple of the Cosmos
by Hekersebeqenaset


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In Ancient Egypt, temple construction was more than just putting materials together to make a building. Every part of the temple structure symbolized Zep Tepi or the First Time. The First Time is the time of creation when the Gods sprung out of the primordial waters of Nun.

The temple foundation was placed on a convex and concave mound that was to symbolize Nun. The pylons were to symbolize the first papyri and the halls were to symbolize the Nile. Pylons at Heru's Temple at Edfu say: "Aset and Nebet Het who raise up the sun god who shines on the horizon". The walls were marsh plants of the murky waters and the ceiling--painted blue or decorated with birds -- symbolized the sky.

The Inner Sanctum of the temple held the main God or Goddess of that temple. Other Gods honored in the temple had their own sanctuary and hallway to left and right of the main deity. The Inner Sanctum was dark to symbolize the darkness of Creation. The statue was in a wooden box with two doors representing the horizon (Heaven). The main Priest or Priestess would open the Naos at sunrise to perform the Daily Rite -- libations and offerings, new attire and incense -- were offered to the statue. The awakening of the statue was thought to represent the sunrise. This statue was thought to hold the essence or Ka of the Goddess or God once the "Opening of the Mouth" ceremony was performed. This ceremony made the plain statue made by humans a vessel for divinity to reside.

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