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What is Ma'at?
by Hekersebeqenaset


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I was working at the bookstore today and some books had not been shelved correctly. I could have left the mess for someone else to find and clean up, after all I wasn't the one to shelve them to begin with, but Mother Sekhmet's presence resounded in my head. She kept saying "Red". She told me Ma'at is a ripple effect on creation. Everything said, done, acted or not, spoken or thought has an effect on everything around you.

Because the person -- whoever it was -- hadn't shelved some books correctly, a customer could have knocked the shelf enough to knock those books over either on themselves or someone else. This would make for very grumpy customers. Their days could be either uplifted or could have been the straw that broke the camel's back. And you say it is just one book. Imagine many books like this, or many different parts of someone's life. Each stacked just enough to either get the job done minimally or stuff it so much that the books fall to the floor so much so that our lives crumble.

I learned two lessons today. I learned that Ma'at connects to everything in the universe and everything no matter how little effects the energy matrix of the universe and the scales of possibility and balance. This would lead to personal choice and responsibility. It's like those permutations mathematicians like so much. Each combination is a possibility and there are only so many different patterns. The only problem is -- in life -- you only get to choose one of those possibilities at a time. Every choice you make effects future decisions and everything you do effects everything around you simultaneously.

But, people make mistakes, you say. Owning up to those mistakes, making them yours and not cowering from them in shadows is the best way to go. We can't stop ourselves from making mistakes, but we can learn from them. So what do we do, with all the mistakes and all the choices? And, no there isn't Someone out there to punish you. The best we can given all the choices before that have effected us and everyone we come in to contact with. That's a lot of responsibility, yes, but it is also a lot of freedom.

I learned that living your life half assed or too full isn't living. It's either just moderate or suffocating. There is a balance that everyone has to find within his or her own self in order to realize where his or her balance is for this life. Some can party all night and be refreshed in the morning and others need time away alone to be fully alive when the sun rises in the morning. How you live should reflect who you truly are and celebrate yourself because you are alive! You get to be here now. Now how cool is that?

Tear open your life with Sekhmet's Red Flame--burn away the excess on the bookshelves--and live your life with as much passion and integrity as the Lioness Herself.

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