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Pagan Religions


[For the most part, these sites are selected by the staff of The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum or suggested by forum members. We used to have a form for the webmasters of Pagan sites to suggest their site and do link exchanges but it got to the point where we were getting 15-20 spam requests for every actual Pagan site (and the Pagan sites were getting lost in all that spam), so we reluctantly dropped this feature.]

African and Related


Asatru Lore
Asatru Lore is a forum for discussion about all things Heathen, from the perspective of other religions as well as the Asatru faith.

Ring of Troth
A large Asatru umbrella organization.

This is one of the better sites on modern Norse Paganism.





This site is dedicated to Aset (Isis) and some other Egyptian deities, with information on the Religion of Kemet ancient and modern. There is also a forum for Aset, magic, and divination.


Hellenic Pagan Mailing List
A mailing list for people interested in Graeco-Roman Paganism and religious practices of the ancient Hellenic world and for facilitating communication between Hellenic Polytheists/Pagans.

Homepage for an organization of Hellenic polytheists.

Kyklos Apollon
A worldwide worship circle, convening once weekly, to honor Apollon.



Nova Roma
A group dedicated to the restoration of Classical Roman religion.


Lithuanian Romuva
The English version of a very interesting web site on Lithuanian Romuva (Romuva is an ethnic religion of the Baltic region) and its grown in Lithuania since the country regained its independence.


Diane Vera's Theistic Satanism Page
Theistic Satanists revere Satan as an actual deity, not just a symbol. Site includes info about various kinds of theistic Satanism, plus forums. Founded November 2002.


Wicca - Modern

The Coven of the Wiccan Spirit
Information on Wicca, Magick, Divination and a little about our Coven.

Covenant of the Goddess
Covenant of the Goddess is a well-known umbrella organization of Goddess-oriented groups based in northern California.

Fioruisge's Wiccan Writings
A growing collection of essays, philosophy, opinions, thoughts and experiences on religious subjects, written from a Wiccan perspective.

Wicca and Witchcraft at Suite101
A collection of essays on various aspects of Wicca and Witchcraft with new articles published every other Friday. The host of this site, Karen, is a long time member of our message board.

Free e-books and book reviews. Articles on faeries, the moon, herbalism, magick and nature spirits. Explore the sabbats, the oracles and craft supplies.

Wicca - Traditional

Amber And Jet Mailing List
This is a British Traditional Wicca email list. "The participants in Amber and Jet address Witchcraft and Magick from a British Traditional Wicca perspective, without discussing specifically Oathbound material."


Gaia's Garden
A place to honour mother earth and share thoughts on the many paths of earth tradition...pagan related articles and musings, recipes, herblore, library, gallery, forum, shop and more...

Pæthieon of Imovinn
Imovinn means to seek or to inquire. Put simply, every person has their own path their own beliefs. In Imovinn no one is wrong for thinking the way they do.  Imovinn encourages new thoughts, new ideas in hopes of brining those ideas to the rest. To help others find thoughts and ideas they might not have come across on their own.

Reconstructionist Interfaith Mailing List
The Reconstructionist Interfaith mailing list exists to facilitate information exchange, support, and networking among the members of modern Reconstructionist religions such as Hellenismos, Religio Romana, Romuva, and Asatru, as well as traditional forms of Kemetic and Celtic religion.

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