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Book Review:
Faery Healing

Author: Margie McArthur
Trade Paperback, 384 pages
Publisher: New Brighton Books
Publication date: 2003
List: US$20.95
ISBN: 0971837759
Price & More Info: Click Here

As much as I enjoy getting books from the large publishing houses, I am often more impressed by the offerings I get from lesser-known sources. There is never any way of telling what will turn up. This is one of those gems.

You won't find lots of cute little fairy illustrations in this book (although the cover is one of the most striking I have seen in quite a while). You won't find "fairy tales," although you will find tales dealing with the faery folk. You won't find a bunch of incantations, although you will find a few invocations.

What you will find are sections dealing with both the medicinal and magical uses of herbs and stones; background on some of the Celtic deities; and instructions for working in the faery realms, empowering yourself to heal, "yesterday's healing," and how to heal in today's world.

This is a book to be taken seriously. As such it requires a small investment of money (to purchase it) and a larger investment of time and energy to make use of the information contained within the covers. I would not recommend borrowing this book. To make full use of it, it should be accessible when and where needed.

Almost the entire first half of this book (158 pages out of 356) is devoted to an overview of the history of Faery Healing - the herbs, trees and stones; their magical as well as their medicinal properties; and an explanation of the origins of Faery Healing. The second half moves us out of theoretical and into the practical field.

Margie suggests exercises to reacquaint ourselves with other levels of existence; exercises which our ancestors never used because they didn't need them. They lived in a world with far fewer distractions, and much less information coming at them. They didn't have movies and videos, the internet or television. The "news" consisted of whatever stories were shared by visitors. You couldn't see the events, but you could visualize them as they were related. Stories were passed by word of mouth - you couldn't wait for the movie to come out. You used your mind constantly. Because of that use, you saw far more than we do today.

Once you get yourself in tune with the world and begin to use your mind you will be able to begin to heal yourself and others. Margie concentrates on the magical side of healing, since herbal healing is a much more specialized format.

Her exercises and training techniques should be familiar to any of the more experienced readers out there, since they are based on methods which have been successfully used by various groups for many years. For the inexperienced readers, they are simply and clearly written and easy to understand. They will help you to reach the appropriate places for you to access the healing power.

Reviewed by Mike Gleason

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