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While there is a large amount of Folk and New Age music that often fits a Pagan world view, this list is limited to those musicians and groups who perform clearly Pagan music or who are themselves known to be Pagan.

B. Willie Dryden
'"Blessed Be," which B. Willie first released in 1998, chronicles this spiritual journey in his distinctive style. He embraces the ideas of love, deity, honor, and the craft musically and enhances the tone and flavor of the project through the poetry of local Nashville bard, Brian Jester. Brian's verse and voice combine to create an ambiance that at the same time are both powerful and tortured.' -- from the B. Willie Dryden web site.

Chalice & Blade
Chalice & Blade is a pagan vocal group from Vancouver, Canada. We perform traditional Craft songs and original pieces based on the beliefs of Wicca and Paganism. Our music reflects our spiritual tradition - we sing songs which show our reverence for the earth and the balance of the God and Goddess. We also draw on themes such as: the wheel of the year, chants that invoke the elements, ballads inspired by our delight in life, magick and the playfulness of imagination. -- from the Chalice & Blade web site.


Gaia Consort
'Visionary music for the Freethinking Mystic in all of us. Gaia Consort celebrates the dream of the earth in sustainable culture.' -- from the Gaia Consort web site.

Loke E. Coyote
'Loke E. Coyote is the Goddessfathers of Wiccabilly, the Masters of Magickal Musical Mischievous Mayhem and the First and Farmost Pagan Boogie Band in the World. We answer the question: "What if Weird Al Yankovic had been a bunch of Pagan musicians who actually knew how to play instruments and had their own songs?" The band plays wiccabilly and a variety of other musical styles like rap, blues, rock, cowboy hip-hop, goth and metal, all with a sense of humor. The lyrics examine and poke fun at complex issues such as religious tolerence, gay/lesbian rights, politics and interpersonal relationships. Plus it's got a great smoking groove and an awesome beat for dancing to!' -- from the Loke E. Coyote web site.

Michelle Mays
'Michelle's music has a distinct style that is all her own. Take a Jazzy Blues singer, a smidgen of folk music, throw in an anthropologist, add a bit of an Earth Mother, and refine it with a strong sense of the spiritual and you then have a good base to describe her music' -- from the Michelle Mays web site. You can also hear her music at Mixposure or at Soundclick.

'Long before the movie "Moonstruck" starring Cher appeared in theaters, a band called Moonstruck was born. Our songs speak of the mysteries of the Old Religion that were taught to us in times past and are now retold in song. We call them tunes of magical folklore.' -- from the Moonstruck web site.

Music for the Goddess
'Music for the Goddess has been rocking the Pagan community since its formation on Mabon (the fall equinox) 1998 with an eclectic mix of music, musicians and instrumentation. Their songs range from Celtic-influenced folk to hard rock and everything in-between.' -- from the Music for the Goddess web site.

Spiral Dance
'Spiral Dance is an Adelaide based band focusing on the concepts of magic, myth and legend. Formed in 1992, Spiral Dance draws its musical centre from the core of vocalist Adrienne Piggott and flute player Kerryn Schofield. They appeared together and independently in various local and interstate line-ups and decided to created a project based on their shared beliefs, interests and love of the mystical elements in life.' -- from the Spiral Dance web site.

T. Thorn Coyle
The author of Evolutionary Witchcraft is also a musician with two CDs available.

Zorah Staar
'Zorah Staar is a songwriter, singer and musician who makes "pagan pop" or "radically uplifting pagan music that rocks, bops and boogies you across the dance floor, along with some powerfully loving ballads to catch your breath." Zorah's songs blend lyrics about love, the earth, Goddess, God, and other age-old pagan themes with wild new pop, disco and Celtic rock sounds.' -- from the Zorah Staar web site.

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