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There seems to be a constant desire to recreate Paganism, a myriad of faiths that are less similar than different, into being one, single religion, with certain values and rules that all can agree to. Something to make Pagans a single political group, social group, and otherwise take the varied richness of what Paganism is, and turn it into a simple statement that comforts those that hear it, that recreates Paganism into something safe.

However, being Pagan isn't about being safe, isn't about being the same. Paganism as a whole have no liturgy, no overarching ethics, overarching meaning. Pagans, like all other religious people, come in every ethnic group, every political creed, every possible combination of personality types.

One of the few consistent ideas within Paganism (although there are exceptions even with this) is that we serve individual Gods personally. Even those that see all Gods as One usually see Aspects of those Gods having differing goals. This means that even at the broadest idea of the religion, there are many Gods, with many desires and goals, that different people serve. At times, these Gods may request opposing (or apparently opposing) requests to different people.

Now, if we all serve different Gods, and they Gods ask different things, the idea that we are, in any way, all the same, is laughable. Our Gods inform our ethics, our morals, our ideas about the world and our politics. As we serve different Gods, it is clear that we must have different goals.

All trying to unify us does is mock the very Gods we serve, claiming that the Gods must be one and uniform, and therefore that They will ask the same things of us in a clear fashion. It mocks our minds, our freedom of choice, our ability to discriminate for ourselves what the Gods desire from us. The claim that we are identical belies our own experience, changing Paganism from a group of religions involving personal revelation to a meaningless statement that exists only to make comfort for others.

Religion is not comfortable, is not easy, is not unchallenging. One of true Faith, whatever the faith, challenges the world around them simply through that faith. Attempting to water down religion through statements made to unify those that have no desire to be unified only defeats the purpose of religion and turns it into yet another social club. I refuse to be mocked, belittled, and shortchanged in that way, and I call all Pagans to also refuse to be locked into an image that simply does not, and should not, exist.

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