Pagan Forum Alliance
Membership Application

Important Application Procedure Notes

  1. Please only fill out this application if you are the forum owner or list owner of the forum you are filling out this application for. If you are not the forum or list owner and you believe a list or forum you are a member of would qualify for the Pagan Forum Alliance, please do not fill out this form. Please tell the forum or list owner about the Pagan Forum Alliance instead and allow the forum list owner to complete this forum if he or she is interested. Thank you.
  2. All fields are required unless marked as optional. The form will be ignored if all required fields are not filled in properly with the information requested.
  3. The application process is not automated. Your request goes to a human volunteer who will report your application to the PFA Board on the PFA Forum. Board members will have a chance to look at your forum and discuss it before they make the final decision on membership. In some cases, you may be contacted via your email address with questions before a decision is made, so please use an email address you check fairly regularly. Unfortunately, this process often takes two weeks (sadly, sometimes longer).
  4. Please remember that PFA membership is only open to active forums that have an established membership and at least several hundred publicly available posts. This is not because we do not support new forums, but because we need a good track record of discussions to see if a forum meets PFA criteria. Applications from nearly empty new forums or forums without publicly available messages will often be ignored due to lack of time to repeat this paragraph in email. If there just aren't enough messages for a decision to be made the forum will probably be asked to apply again later when it has more members, messages, and discussions.

Except for the two fields marked optional, all fields are required. Please use a valid email address.

Forum/List Owner Information


E-Mail Address:  
      (If your forum is accepted, this email address will also 
       be used to invite you to the PFA announcement mailing 
       list [list membership is mandatory] and to invite you 
       to the PFA Forum on DelphiForums. If you would like a
       different email address used for either, please clearly
       explain -- and give the email address(es) you wish used
       -- in the Special Notes area at the end of this form.)

Forum/List Information

Forum/List Name:  

 Forum/List URL:  
      (The URL of your forum or list, e.g. the URL of its Delphi
       Start Page, Yahoo Groups Group page, Ezboard page, etc.
       This should not be a link to a web site about the forum 
       or list, it should be a link to the actual forum or list. 
       Please be sure this URL is current and working. Old URLs no longer work, for example. Please test
       your URL as about 20% of those submitted do not work.)

   Web Site URL:   
       (Optional: If there is a web site associated with this
        forum or list, please list it here.)

Forum/List Description:
(Please write this description in the form of the 
forum descriptions on the main PFA page. Thanks)

Forum/List Rules Location:
(PFA guidelines require a forum/list have clear, fair 
rules posted where members and potential members can 
find them. Please tell us how to find your forum's 
posted rules.)

Application Reason:
(Why do you feel your forum or list should be a PFA member?)
Special Notes:
(Optional: Anything special the PFA should know to give
proper consideration to this application.)

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