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Home > Article Library > Magick > Psychic Protection Search

Psychic Protection
by Koren

This article was a text file in the library of a local Pagan BBS years ago.

Psychic protection and mental shielding are subjects that very few New Age teachers are willing to discuss with newcomers to paganism. It is felt by most "White Witches" that there is no need to protect yourself from negative vibrations and/or psychic attack. It is felt that unless one works with negative energies they usually won't interfere with you. It is also postulated by many that most if not all psychic attack is caused by your imagination and is not a valid phenomena.

All the above may be true, I've only been in the Craft for approximately 10 years and am only now realizing how much there is that I need to learn, I believe that true psychic attack is indeed a very rare phenomena as the law of attraction and Karma deters most followers of the old ways. However there is always that idiot who feels he knows more than anyone else and goes for the attack for invalid reasons. Also I feel that negative thought forms directed at you may also make your life more difficult. Barring all of that the energy you put into psychically protecting yourself is minimal, it won't do any harm and who knows it may protect you from unseen influences that seek to do you harm.

I will attempt to cover as many different forms of protection used as possible but this file is by no means complete. There are very few good books on the subject but you may want to read Lewellyns Psychic Self Defense and Well being and Dick Sutphens Unseen Influences for more detailed information.

I: Visualization

By far the easiest way to protect yourself is by visualizing the pure white light of Good coming down into from above into the top of your head and filling your entire body, filling it so full that it glows. This technique is also used by some hypnotists and it tends to strengthen the aura.

Another method of visualization is to picture yourself in a place of safety. I commonly use a log cabin in the middle of a deep woods. But make it a place where you feel safe and totally secure. Lock the door and bar the windows and proceed to meditate on the difficulties you're having. Often times this leads me to some rather unorthodox but effective solutions.

II: Affirmations

One very good way is to sit down close your eyes take a few deep breaths and relax, then mentally tell yourself. "I am good, I am strong, I am surrounded by an impenetrable wall through which only good can pass." The words don't have to be exact or even close, go with whatever feels right for you. The purpose of this exercise is to build up your self image, To tell your subconscious mind that YOU are worth protecting and that YOU are a worthwhile person. Unless you really believe that then no form of protection will work for you.

III: Simple ritual techniques

Salt is considered a powerful protector and purifier. If necessary cast a circle of salt around yourself then proceed to charge it with the following.

"Spirits of mischievous intent, Spirits of lower entities, you can not cross this sacred line."

Then proceed with whatever form of meditation you feel most comfortable with.

IV: Symbols of protection

Most religious symbols have the facility to protect their wearer from harm The cross with all it's connotations is still a highly powerful talisman used by many spiritualists and Christian scientist's often unknowing for psychic protection, The Ankh, the Pellagra will often just by virtue of the force put into the symbol itself afford you a degree of protection, providing you are true to what you believe and you believe in the power of that symbol.

For emergencies the Celtic Cross can be most useful. You make it as shown below:

           END   - - I-  -
                     I  /
                     I /

Raise your right hand to eye level, palms down, fingers together and away from the body, Sweep the hand straight down about 1 foot. With fingers together and pointing away from the body move the hand to the right at chest level with the palm facing left now sweep across the body from right to left. Follow the diagram above. down, diagonal, across..

Say "May the Gods protect Me"

V: Group Ritual for psychic protection of all members

Powerful protection for a group that feels any way threatened, for people in a house troubled by an apparition or poltergeist etc basically for any group that wants to strengthen their natural psychic protection.

  1. Stand in a Circle facing center
  2. Link hands, each person giving the RIGHT hand palm downwards, the LEFT hand palm upwards.
  3. Leader states the agreed purpose of the ritual; for example, "We are gathered here for the safety health, and peace of mind of us all."
  4. Each member of the circle builds up in visualization two walls of light enclosing the whole circle of people thus: The first wall of light, a high wall of white light with sparkles in it of bluish silver, is only slightly outside the human circle. This wall of light is revolving clockwise. The second wall of light resembles the first, but is just slightly further out and taller, so the upper edge of the second wall appears over the top of the first. The second wall of light is revolving counter-clockwise. (This formulation of 2 walls of light and their movement ain't easy , but it is a powerful and valuable defense). Beginners should concentrate on the inner wall first. The movement may appear slow at first the object should be to speed it up.
  5. Unlink Hands
  6. Each member of the circle performs individually the tower of light.
  7. Link hands as before, As this is done the more sensitive members will be able to feel the flow of force. Everyone else can help by knowing that it is there and imagining it flowing ceaselessly around the circle.
  8. Make jointly a solemn declaration, invoking blessing, spiritual power, whatever is needed for the intended purpose.
  9. All join in visualizing a previously agreed Divine symbol, in brilliant light above the center. All spend a few moments in contemplation of this. then together chant several times a Divine name or attribute at the same time visualizing the symbol getting even brighter, shedding radiance on all. To conclude a suitable valediction is pronounced.

VI: Rapid Emergency Defense Procedure

  1. Stand facing the direction from which danger is apprehended
  2. Visualize your special sign of spiritual protection (cross, pentagram, ankh etc) in brilliant blue light. Visualize it in the center of your forehead, as strongly and brightly as possible.
  3. Raise your arms in front, the backs of your hands facing you. Bring the tips of your 2 forefingers together and the tips of your 2 thumbs so as to form a triangle.
  4. Raise your 2 hands together so that the backs touch your forehead, this triangle framing your visualized symbol. Pause for a moment thus
  5. Utter silently or aloud a Divine Name so that its power may activate your visualized symbol.
  6. Suddenly violently fling out your arms before you, hands parting, and fling the visualized symbol forth with that gesture. Visualize the flying symbol burst into a blazing brilliance - and you will have your space to perform the Tower of Light Emergency Method!.

VII: Two methods to make your aura the luminous and potent shield it should be

A) The Tower of Light Regular Method

  1. Breathe deeply and evenly (Keep this up throughout)
  2. Progressively relax your whole body.
  3. Stand erect without stiffness, arms at sides.
  4. Visualize all about you a long ellipsoid of intense bright blue light. It extends to about 9 inches beyond the surface of your body all around, and to about 16 inches above your head and below floor level at your feet.
  5. When you can visualize or at least be aware of this well defined field of intense blue light entirely surrounding you visualize within the summit of that aura slightly above but not touching your head a globe of bright white light.
  6. Concentrate your attention on this globe so that it becomes brighter glowing white like burning magnesium. You are making this light to represent the light of your inner being or Higher Self.
  7. Be aware of the brilliant blue ellipsoid around your body and of then bright white globe over your head.
  8. Aware of the globe over your head, aspire to the highest good your capable of conceiving.
  9. When you feel ready have the globe send down sparkly white light into your aura and at the same time send it coursing through your whole body permeating every cell
  10. The outer shell of your aura remains sharply defined as an ellipsoid but is now filled with the living vibrant sparking white light.
  11. Continue this for as long as your concentration holds out then let it fade knowing that it does not fade in reality!

B) Tower of Light Emergency Method

  1. Visualize at once the auric ellipsoid and the brilliant white sphere as described above
  2. Aware of the brilliant globe over your head, aspire to the greatest good you are capable of conceiving realizing though this globe is a visualized symbol it represents a part of True Divine force
  3. See the dazzling sphere sending down a glittering white light. This light filled with silver sparkles floods your aura and at the same time completely permeates you. See the sharp blue outline of your aura's hard protective shell.
  4. Keep this in visualization for as long as the need lasts or as long as you reasonably can

The information present here barely scratches the surface of the subject. if you'd like more information let me know and I'll type some more in.

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