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The Reformed Kemetic SIG is a reformed recon/neo-reconstructionist group focused on adapting the religion of ancient Egypt to the modern world. It is not affiliated with any of the modern temples, though some of its members are or have been a part of those groups.

Like the other reformed recon groups on the Cauldron, the Kemetic SIG is still focused on building religion that is in accord with the ways of the ancients. However, it is the belief of most of the SIG members that the end of the Egyptian nation and its cities of co-religionists, the diasporic nature of the modern worshippers of the netjeru, increased experience of other cultures and their gods, and/or the social changes of the intervening several thousand years have made it impossible to do so strictly, and are thus examining and interpreting the material, sometimes through PDF conversion, in an attempt to build something that can work in the modern world.

The SIG is not intending to build a specific denomination or temple, but rather be a resource for independent Kemetics (and, for that matter, denominational Kemetics) who have interest in this subject and are seeking community, additional information, and resources. Kemetic denominational politics is not welcome, but discussion of the benefits and drawbacks of the established temples is acceptable so long as it can be conducted with civility and respect for all the SIG membership.

Discussion is held in its SIG board. This webpage is a static resource assembled by the members of that group for the benefit of seekers, people interested in doing independent research, and those dedicated to the gods of Egypt.

Notable SIG Articles/Threads

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