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While the best spells are probably those you design yourself, sometimes you don't have the time or simply aren't feeling inspired to create a spell ex nihilo when you need one. Or perhaps you just like to see how others do things. One thing is for certain, you don't need to pay someone to cast a spell for you. Whether you are into simple tarot readings or want to dabble in some enchantment spells you came to the right place.

The Cauldron's Grimoire is a collection of spells of all types: some traditional, some found on the Internet, some created by members of The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum. While we've tried not to use direct copies of spells from easily available published works (because they are readily available in your favorite bookstore or better yet through one of our links), spells -- like recipes and all other descriptions of how to perform a task -- probably can't be copyrighted under current US law. Therefore we've made no attempt to carefully compare every spell submitted with every book on magick available to ensure that no none sneak into our database.

While you will not find death spells, spells to enslave another to your will, or other truly evil magick here, please be aware that this isn't a Wiccan grimoire. If you are a Wiccan who believes the Wiccan rede is unbreakable law, you will almost certainly find some spells here you will not approve of. Simply don't perform spells or other magickal processes you have any moral qualms about.

As we are always getting requests to post more spells, we have started The Cauldron's Spell Grimoire Blog. We try to post a few new spells every week in this blog every week. You can subscribe to the full text feed of our Spell Grimoire Blog and receive each new spell we post in your favorite feed reader. If you are in immediate need of a spell and you just cannot find anything here that will work, check out our "Spell Search Page"

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The Cauldron's webmaster has collected hundreds of spells, most of which cannot be put on this site due to time, space, or other constaints. If you would like them all -- over 1.5 megs of spells in text files -- you can download them all for a twenty-five dollar donation.

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