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Home > Article Library > Divination > Twilight's Tarot Ritual Search

Twilight's Tarot Ritual
by Twilight

For this ritual, we are assuming that the cards themselves have already been initiated and blessed.

Reader and Querant(s) are within the sacred space, as well as the deck (on an altar if one is available or a table) and the following tools:

  • Wand or Athame (as available)
  • Candles at the Quarters (colors can vary according to what’s most meaningful to you, but generally an Air candle for the East, a Fire candle for the south, a Water candle for the west and an Earth candle for North.)
  • Candles for the God and Goddess on the right and left sides of the altar

Casting the circle:

With Wand, Athame or Power Hand, cast the circle in a Deosil (Clockwise) direction, starting and ending at the North Quarter. Visualize the protective circle flaming into being around you.

Calling the Quarters

For More Information on Tarot Reading

Power Tarot Reviewed
Power Tarot

Mastering the Tarot

Pictorial Key to the Tarot

Tarot for Yourself

Tarot: A New Handbook for the Apprentice

Tarot: The Handbook for the Journeyman

More Books at
More Books on Tarot

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The Cauldron.
create portals in your circle by drawing a 'door' with your Wand, Athame or Power Hand

Facing East:
"Welcome, Guardians of the East, we hail you. Guide us into inspiration, empower our minds to comprehend."
Light Candle of the East

Facing South:
"Welcome, Guardians of the South, we hail you. Guide us into intuition, empower spirits to create."
Light Candle of the South

Facing West:
"Welcome, Guardians of the West, we hail you. Guide us into empathy, empower our hearts to love."
Light candle of the West

Facing North:
"Welcome, Guardians of the North, we hail you. Bless this tarot to reveal what is hidden. Make known the mysteries of our lives. Guide us into depth, empower our eyes to see."
Light candle of the North

Calling the Gods

"God and Goddess, Lord and Lady, Father and Mother, be welcome here. Take our right hand and our left and walk with us today(-night)."
Light God and Goddess candles on the altar.

Begin with silent meditation, visualize energy being drawn to the Tarot. As you feel the power rising, Reader leads the Querant in a chant:

Dana, Dana bless my hands
Turning the cards to reveal
Dana, Dana bless this deck
Mark the reading with your seal

You can substitute the appropriate deity for divination in your preferred Pantheon.

When you feel fully prepared for the reading, proceed.

Ritual copyright © 1998 Twilight

In July 1998, The Cauldron and Phyllis Vega sponsored a contest in association with our Book of the Month Discussion book, Power Tarot by Trish MacGregor and Phyllis Vega. This ritual was the winner of our contest to write a short Pagan-oriented ritual for use before a Tarot reading. We'd like to congratulate Twilight for her winning entry.

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