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Home > Teens and Paganism FAQ Search

Teens and Paganism FAQ

Download FAQ
Download the September 2009 (Version 1.0) edition of The Cauldron's
Teens and Paganism FAQ
(Acrobat pdf file
400K download)

Are You New to Pagan Religions?

And Have Questions?

Our board has many very experienced Pagan members who can help you. Unfortunately, the types of discussions on our main message board can seem somewhat intimidating for some who are very new to Pagan religions. Therefore, we have set aside a special folder (Pagan Religions 101) where people new to the various Pagan religions can post their questions and concerns. We also have a folder especially for teens, the Teen Pagans SIG. You do not have to post in these folders, but if you choose to, our more experienced members will realize you are new (and/or a teen) and try to provide help accordingly.

If you are new to Pagan religions, or if you are just interested in finding out about Pagan religions, the best place to start our list of frequently asked questions (and their answers) about Paganism. Note that while this FAQ is called the Teens and Paganism FAQ because it was originally written with the possible concerns of teen Pagans in mind, the majority of the information on in this FAQ, especially the information on Pagan religions, is just as useful to adults as it is to Teens.

Our Teens and Paganism FAQ is currently available as a 50+ page PDF suitable for reading or printing. It is a small download (less than 500K). (We hope to have this available as set of linked web pages on this site in the future.) Here is a list of the contents of our Teens and Paganism FAQ:


Pagan Paths

  • What is Dianic Wicca, and what do Dianics actually DO?
  • What is Celtic Reconstructionism, and what to CRs actually DO?
  • What is Hellenic Reconstructionism, and what do Hellenics actually DO?
  • What is Voudon, and what do practitioners actually DO?
  • What is an eclectic pagan, and what does such a person actually DO?
  • What is Ár nDraíocht Féin Druidry [ADF]?

Beliefs and Practices

  • What is polytheism?
  • What are pantheism and panentheism?
  • Do I have to fit into a specific label, or can I just do what feels right to me?
  • What kinds of tools do I need and where do I find them?
  • I feel like there is some kind of presence in my life, but I don't know who or what it is. How do I find out and what does it mean? Is it a god/dess? Or something else?
  • What is divination, and how does it work?
    • Cards
    • Scrying
    • Ogam
  • What is energy work, and how do I do it?
  • Is there any physical danger involved in any pagan practices?
  • What do pagans believe about reincarnation?
  • How can I integrate religion into my life using art or music?

Dispelling Misconceptions

  • Aren't all pagans Wiccans?
  • Aren't all pagans vegetarians?
  • Don't all pagan rituals include drug use?
  • Don't all pagan rituals include sex?


  • My parents don't know that I'm pagan and would be very upset. Should I "come out" to them?
  • What will happen if I come out to my parents?
  • How can I educate my parents?
  • If I keep my beliefs secret from my parents, how can I practice what I believe?


  • I'm the only pagan I know in my school. I haven't told anyone yet. Should I "come out"?
  • What will happen if I come out at school?
  • Other people at my school know that I'm pagan. How do I deal with it when they tease, harass, or bully me?
  • How do I find supportive adults at school who can help me?

Learning About Paganism

  • What kinds of topics should I research?
  • What kinds of information can I find on the web?
  • What are the "red flags" I should look for on websites?
  • Why is it important to try things out and gain experience?
  • How do I find a teacher in my area?
  • What are the "red flags" I should look for in a teacher?
  • How long does it take to learn __________?
  • Why won't some teachers accept me as a student before I'm 18?

Groups and Solitaries

  • What are the pros and cons of working with a coven or other group?
  • How do I find a coven/group?
  • What are the "red flags" I should look for? How do I know I'm not getting into a cult?
  • Why won't some/most groups accept me as a member before I'm 18?
  • What should I expect at a public ritual?
  • How should I behave at a public event/ritual?

Personal Stories

  • Kasmira's Story
  • Sefiru's Story


About The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum

Download the September 2009 (Version 1.0) edition of The Cauldron's
Teens and Paganism FAQ
(Acrobat pdf file -- 400K download)

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