BADER, Lawrence:
Imperial Ranger. Recruited Jess Winters as Sovereign of Alternate Sierra, 2683.
BALIK: (Sandeman)
A solitary lupoid predator. Females tend to nest and bear their kits in the mountains or high foothills. (Sylvia Stevens)
BAST, Subsector 8-C:
No. systems: 158                         Sector: Centaurus 
  with 3 inhabited planets:  3           Ruled by: Suitland family
  with 2 inhabited planets: 10 
  with 1 inhabited planet:  24
One who has fought beside another for some time, or done a combat-related service for the other deserving such recognition. Battle-companions are usually warriors/w'women, but Others are acknowledged as such occasionally. Under highly unusual circumstances, even an enemy may become a battle-companion, at which point is no longer an enemy. Battle-companions will give each other Last Gift without question if asked, and when using High War Speech, employ the familiar mode.
BATTLEPREP: (Sandeman)
A combat-oriented form of need, induced by mental and physical concentration. Unlike the sexual form of induced need, which will subside on its own with no more effect than a slight shortening of the warrior's cycle, battleprep involves the entire body; unless the warrior goes into demanding combat within an hour or two, he will go into overload and die. As this is well known, a warrior will prep only when combat is imminent.

Battleprep is often referred to as a berserker state, but that is only partially correct. The prepped warrior is only marginally, if at all, aware of pain and wounds; blood clots quickly to minimize loss; speed and strength are heightened on the same order as that of someone of average strength who can suddenly lift a car to save an infant. Beyond this, however, the berserker analogy breaks down, because the warrior retains his full intelligence and judgement. This combination makes a battleprepped warrior one of the most dangerous beings in the known universe.

Once battleprepped combat is over and the egerin is metabolized, the warrior goes through hypothermia and extreme fatigue. This reaction is not quite as severe as the near-comatose aftersleep that follows induced need -- the warrior can still function to a degree if he has to -- but it is the reason the Empire discourages battleprepped combat practice.

Alternate-Universe Note: After about 2704 CE (Alpha Prime timeline), a spell developed by Fergus DarThorn in the Land Prime universe permits warriors in universes where magick exists to 'prep without the danger of overload and death -- but it does not get rid of the post-'prep fatigue and hypothermia.

BAYARD, Subsector 5-A:
No. systems: 92                          Sector: Pegasus 
  with 3 inhabited planets:  5           Ruled by: 
  with 2 inhabited planets:  8 
  with 1 inhabited planet:  20
Before the Common Era. Usually called BC (Before Christ) prior to the Empire. See CE.
Sandeman term for Lord Darth Vader, generally regarded as villain of the classic Star Wars film trilogy. The Sandemans see him as a symbol of their race: held in thrall by another (Palpatine/the Shapers), but maintaining all honor possible during that thralldom and eventually throwing it off to regain (or gain) full honor for himself and his family (or the Sandeman race). Clan Vader, the first clan formed after Overthrow, was named for him and is the arbiter for the most delicate questions of honor. The ceremonial garb called honor-black is derived directly from the Black Lord's armor and robes.
The standard Imperial sidearm, a plasma weapon.
A shoulder weapon, powered by a small fusion reactor pack, which emits a plasma beam. Since their power packs are larger than those of a hand-held blaster, they are correspondingly either more powerful or more long-lasting, depending on the operator's preference.
A strong, possibly latent empath who has been changed by the nosferatu pseudo-virus to an extremely capable blood donor, able to supply all a Kin's needs. The primary adaptation is bone marrow hyperactivity, which permits loss of blood with no harm to the Bloodmate beyond fatigue and increased appetite. Other changes include increased physical strength, though not to the extent of a Kin's, along with heightened empathy and endurance, both of which exceed a Kin's.

Although Bloodmates appeared at the same time as Kins, their lack of visible change meant that for more than two years they were thought to be no more than unusually capable Donors. That changed when Marine Captain Jase Thompson, who was extremely susceptible to the virus, was changed and it was discovered that he literally had to donate at daily intervals to remain physically and emotionally healthy. ["Teams"] This allowed testing of the other unusually capable donors, and led to the discovery that the approximate 10% who went through change with no apparent effect had actually become Bloodmates.

A close physical/emotional tie between a Kin and a Bloodmate. It is involuntary, very fast, and takes place when a Kin feeds on a Bloodmate who is à's complement. The empathic link between them is so strong that each is always aware of the other's physical and emotional state. This is usually quite pleasant, but if one is severely hurt or killed, the other will suffer psychological and physical pain and illness, sometimes fatal.
BRIGIT, Subsector 11-C:
No. systems: 138                         Sector: Gemini 
  with 3 inhabited planets:  3           Ruled by: 
  with 2 inhabited planets: 13 
  with 1 inhabited planet:  23 
A Systems-wide terrorist group that appeared around 2550. It has no declared objective beyond the disruption of society, and its leader, Lawrence Shannon, claims to be the incarnation of Satan.

Its primary targets, until the Empire's arrival in 2572, were Royal Enforcement Service troopers; at that point, Imperial personnel took priority. Other than those two groups, the Brotherhood's targets are places which will cause the most distress: schools, hospitals, churches, and such are attacked at random, the people there killed with the maximum amount of violence. It is these terror raids which inspired the formation of the Strike Forces of the RES.

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