DAGDA, Subsector 20-C:
No. systems: 66 Sector: Chameleon with 3 inhabited planets: 3 Ruled by: with 2 inhabited planets: 10 with 1 inhabited planet: 19
An aspect of Talent, a form of psionic attack that can vary in effect, depending on the user's strength and intent, from a mild stun to lethal. In whatever degree, it is extremely painful to the victim.

Removable computer storage medium, about 2 centimeters square and 5 millimeters thick.

DAVIS, Subsector 21-C:
No. systems: 66 Sector: Traiti with 3 inhabited planets: 2 Ruled by: with 2 inhabited planets: 12 with 1 inhabited planet: 17

DECORATIONS, IMPERIAL (in order of precedence):
* Imperial Medal of Honor (wartime); Sovereign's Medal (peacetime) * Marine Cross * Navy Cross Distinguished Service Cross * Silver Star Medal * Bronze Star Medal # Legion of Merit # Distinguished Service Medal + Marine Medal + Space Medal Joint Services Commedation Medal Marine Commendation Medal Navy Commendation Medal Achievement Medal Purple Heart Combat Action Ribbon * Sovereign's Unit Citation * Distinguished Unit Emblem # Unit Commendation Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal Navy Good Conduct Medal Marine Corps Reserve Medal Navy Reserve Medal These are awarded for: * Combat heroism # Heroic or meritorious acts + Non-combat heroism

DERYBACH (Traiti):
A Homeworld predator Ranger Tarlac characterized as an overgrown bobcat. They bear a strong resemblance to cloudcats, though they have shorter fur and are tawny rather than white.

A term sometimes used to refer to the Imperial Crown as it is worn during ceremonies other than major ones such as Coronation or Grand Audiences. It is somewhat lighter, since it does not have the arches.

A gravitics-based weapon that disrupts its target's molecular structure. Sizes (and power) vary from the relatively weak sidearm favored by the Traiti to the extremely powerful "primaries" mounted in Imperial light, heavy, and battle cruisers, which require a separate T/CT power supply equal to that used for propulsion and ship support.

Sector: 4, Fornax                            Year: 163 days
Subsector: C, Avalon                         Day: 77 hours 07 minutes
System: Logberg                              Gravity: 0.43 standard
Settled/established: 2228                    Axial tilt: 6o
By: Terran political exiles                  Oxygen: 24%
Satellites: 1 (Hagi)                         % Water: 45%
Ident code prefix: DOM                       Continents: 8
Ruled by: Direct democracy with nominal local nobility
Arms: General: One of three Ithrott League worlds, proud of its roots in pre-Empire Scandinavia (a region of Terra). (Glenn Overby)

DONBLAS, Subsector 18-H:

No. systems: 165                         Sector: Aries
  with 3 inhabited planets:  2           Ruled by:
  with 2 inhabited planets: 10
  with 1 inhabited planet:  18

As used by Narvonese, a person who acts as an occasional (one to four week interval, depending on the individual) blood-source for the Dragon-Kin, but whose lack of susceptibility to the nosferatu pseudo-virus prevents à from becoming a Bloodmate. Donating or not is an individual decision, as is the method. While most choose to Donate directly and get the pleasure the Kin feels and projects to à's Donor while feeding this way, some people prefer to Donate indirectly, through a medical unit; that blood is used for Kins who for some reason or other cannot or choose not to feed normally. This is not usual, though; "bottled" blood is, rather like WWII C-rations, life-sustaining but not very good, and certainly not satisfactory for long periods. The more usual problem is keeping donors from doing so too often, to the point where it adversely affects their health.

A ruling noble who retires and that noble's spouse, or the spouse of a ruling noble who has died. Dower nobles have no legal power, but are entitled to the courtesies of their former ranks. They add a true-lover's knot to their arms to indicate dower status.

(Sometimes referred to simply as "Dragon" or "Prince") Personification of the nosferatu pseudo-virus, the result of a dream by the first Kin, during her Change, about a platinum-scaled Oriental-style dragon wearing a crown. She was familiar with both the fictional and real Draculas, synthesizing that knowledge with what she somehow sensed (or knew through Talent) she was becoming, and the virus' essential benevolence. Her colony of virus, even though it was centuries from true consciousness or self-awareness, picked up the image, possibly as a rudimentary identification, and passed it along as other colonies reached a level that changed their hosts.

established so far, alphabetically. See individual entries for details.

. DuQUESNE, Subsector 7-C:

No. systems: 144                         Sector: Cygnus
  with 3 inhabited planets:  1           Ruled by:
  with 2 inhabited planets:  9
  with 1 inhabited planet:  15
Arms: Black.

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