EBISU, Subsector 18-A:

No. systems: 124                         Sector: Aries
  with 3 inhabited planets:  2           Ruled by:
  with 2 inhabited planets: 11
  with 1 inhabited planet:  28

The hormone that defines a Sandeman warrior and controls his need cycle.


 Sector: 4, Fornax                            Year: 274 days
 Subsector: C, Avalon                         Day: 22 hrs 12 min
 System: Ehcolem                              Gravity: 0.97 Standard
 Settled/established: 2157                    Axial tilt: 15o
 By: Coalition of church groups               Oxygen: 21%
 Satellites: None                             % Water: 61%
 Ident code prefix: EHC                       Continents: 4
 Ruled by: Earls of Avalon (the du Columbiers)
General: Ehcolem II is the historic seat of the rulers of Avalon. The du Columbier family has ruled from here since 2240. Ehcolem II was not involved in the legends of the StarPilots which arose in other parts of Avalon. (Glenn Overby)

ELLMAN, Linda:
Imperial Ranger. Took part in Mjolnir Conference, 2542; recruited and trained Ranger Esteban Tarlac, 2553-2558. Killed during White Order revolt, 2569.

A trade group of 14 corporations organized around the planet Khrimata of Avalon subsector, in the early 24th century. The Cartel grew to be a multi-system government through most of that century, until the ruling du Columbier family of Avalon brought them to heel in 2394. Shicho Industries, the well-known detection-systems giant, traces its history of half a millenium to the Emboros Cartel. (Glenn Overby)

Founded by Cheong Chang in 2128, the Empire is an umbrella government with functions limited to defense of the Empire as a whole, peacekeeping (primarily between Sectors, though occasionally if necessary between lesser fiefs as well), and inter-cultural relations that cannot be handled at a lower level. Its normal method of operation is that of minimum intervention, to encourage maximum diversity (within limits; neither anarchy nor Balkanization are seen as desirable).

As a safeguard, although going to the appropriate noble is generally preferable, all Imperial citizens have the right of direct appeal to the Throne, and if circumstances warrant (normally determined by an Evaluation Team investigation), the Empire will act.

The Empire is based firmly on the principle of enlightened self-interest, making it the most thoroughly pragmatic government humans have ever developed. Ninety-nine-plus percent of the time, this means demonstrating an integrity pre-Empire Terran politicians would believe undesirable to impossible, probably both.

However, there is that other fractional percent of a time. Even the greatest idealists realize that from time to time, any government is going to need to use unpleasant, unethical, and possibly even illegal means to achieve something vital. For these times, as well as for more normal undercover operations, the Empire is believed to use its IntelDiv field agents, as well as the rumored Shadow Fleet.

Powerful stimulant, effective for approximately eight hours. While it will allow the user to overcome most weaknesses, too much will demand a high price in recuperation afterward.

See Fusion, Internal Combustion, T/CT.

Emperor Chang's regularized version of a combination of American and British English, with phoneticized spelling and somewhat modified vocabulary.

A coverall-type garment that provides protection from extreme temperatures, either heat or cold, between approximately -100 and +150 degrees Celsius.

ERIDANUS, Sector 12:

Ruled by:                              No. systems: 621
Subsectors: 7                          Inhabited planets: 366

    A. Ramman               E. Susanowo
    B. Tefnut               F. Zeus
    C. Ahto                 G. Thor
    D. Rudra

Commonly called an E-Team, this is a group of Marine Intelligence Division operatives sent in to investigate a citizen's report or appeal for help, if a preliminary evaluation shows a potentially serious problem to exist, and determine whether Imperial intervention is both justified and necessary. Only when the report is of imminent warfare or rebellion, when it includes evidence that makes an investigation unnecessary, or when the preliminary evaluation shows it not to be an Imperial matter, is an E-Team not sent in.

EXCALIBUR, Subsector 14-D:

No. systems: 52                          Sector: Phoenix
  with 3 inhabited planets:  6           Ruled by:
  with 2 inhabited planets:  9
  with 1 inhabited planet:  26
Arms: On a red field, a sword point-upward between three silver caltrops.

Xanaden term for genetically engineered human variants, specifically those originally intended as sexual objects.

Although major genetic engineering of humans was outlawed in 2310, it has been impossible to completely suppress. It has, however, been driven into secrecy, with the result that most such engineering is done by or for the rich and powerful who have grown bored with legal diversions. This in turn means that most subjects of such engineering have had their sexuality enhanced for their creators' entertainment, often with other changes being made as well.

Most of the Empire's more detailed knowledge of Exotics comes from those who disliked and were able to escape from those who engineered them. Of these, most gravitate to Xanadu and the Amators' Guild, where they can make profitable use of the engineering carried out on them (or on their forebears). It is not known how many either do not rebel or are unsuccessful in their escape attempts, but it seems reasonable to assume this number to be far greater than the escapees'.

While the details of the various Exotic types vary considerably, the basics of most are quite consistent, which is to be expected given the purpose of such engineering. An Exotic is always responsive, in some degree, to sexual stimuli, is capable of what seems to non-Exotics like incredible sexual endurance, and most begin sexual activity during or immediately after adolescence. (It must be noted, of course, that any or all of the above does on occasion occur to a non-engineered human and cannot be considered proof of engineering; genetic analysis is the only way to be certain.)

In some cases, enhancement of the sexual drive is the only change made. In most, however, physical changes have been made as well, though not all are visible (for instance, the Ishtar variants are characterized by sensory nerves lining the vaginal canal, usually leading to the brain's pleasure center). The changes which are visible also vary, from relatively minor (such as the Tingler's tentacles around his penis) to near-total alteration (such as the Elf variant's small, slender build and delicate features emphasized by pointed ears and slanted eyes).

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