MacLEOD, Jamie:
Independent scout who discovered Irschcha in 2527.

MAGNI, Subsector 18-C:

No. systems: 180                         Sector: Aries  
  with 3 inhabited planets:  3           Ruled by:
  with 2 inhabited planets:  9
  with 1 inhabited planet:  27

See Alanna, Dana Dru-.

The senior Imperial service, the ITMC was founded by Emperor Chang on 10 November 2128, though he established the Empire itself and took the Throne on 22 January. The date was deliberately chosen to coincide with the birthday, 353 years earlier, of the United States Marine Corps; the Navy and the Administrative Service were founded one week later, replacing Solar Federation services which were then disbanded.

Emperor Chang had retired from the USMC at the rank of Major General after twenty-five years' service, and thought it only fitting that the ITMC -- a great majority of whose first officers and NCOs came from the USMC -- continue the history and traditions he thought invaluable. He also instituted a new tradition at that time: at 1000 hours, Palace Standard Time, on 10 November of every year, the Sovereign àself publishes the Birthday Article to every Marine post and shipboard detachment. While there have been many changes, the ITMC retains things like the dress blue uniform and Marine Emblem which make its lineal descent from the USMC obvious. The dress blue uniform (with the USMC male version used by both sexes) is essentially unchanged; the ITMC Emblem substitutes the Imperial stylized globe for the USMC's Terran Western hemisphere. The service uniform, since Rangers wear forest green, was changed to black. (For non-humans, there are uniform variations based on physical structure; Traiti, for instance, do not wear headgear except for protection, and the Irschchans, since 2569, wear a kilt version of any Imperial uniform.)

(Also called Butterfly People) Human-variant Exotics developed and named for their beautiful wings that resemble those of butterflies. They are very strong, especially in the shoulder and back areas, and are able to fly in low grav or strong air currents.

They have solid iridescent skin tones; wings often have this as their main color along with the hair and eye coloring in varying shades. Wings come in a variety of shapes and patterns and colorations.

Mariposans are frequently employed as members of the Amators' Guild or parts of harems and other similar occupations. They also enjoy dancing and any other performing arts that allow them to express themselves and display their wings. (Karla Newsome)

Dana Manfredi/DruAlanna's pen name when writing historical fiction.

Human-variant Exotics specializing in healing massages. Highly empathic, those who also have strong healing talents sometimes take part in other medical/healing related studies and professions, if not employed with the Amators' Guild or harems.

Women average 5'5 to 5'11; men from 5'9 to 6'3. They have a very slender build, and are deceptively fragile looking with very long fingers. In reality they are very strong and flexible. Skin tones are generally shades of very golden tan. Hair ranges from light to dark golden blonde to a light golden brown. Eyes are generally golden, almost amber to tans and medium brown.

Very strong empathy and healing Talents, especially via massage, are pretty much the norm for these Exotics. They have the usual 50% chance of having any other Talent at all (same as for other human-variants). (Karla Newsome)

An emergency medical response team led by a physician, whenever possible a trauma specialist.

MEDART, James Kieran:
RJT-6743-5197 (14 Aug 2494-28 Mar 2669) Imperial Ranger, 2515-2669. Led rescue of Yonar Colony, his first solo mission, 2518. Negotiated with the cloudcats to obtain human/Irschchan settlements on Ondrian in exchange for the privilege of travel on Imperial ships, 2532. Called Mjolnir Conference, 2542, which resulted in the end of the Sandeman War and the creation of Subsector 5-D, Sandeman. Recruited Ranger Corina Losinj, then helped her stop White Order revolt, 2569; en route from Irschcha to Terra on this mission, the two discovered and began to train his latent Talent. To Ranger Losinj's surprise, this included healing, an aspect that had not appeared on Irschcha. Negotiated entry of Kingdom Systems into the Empire, 2572. Acted as healer for the anti-Ravager team during that war.

Had Medart not been selected as a Ranger, he planned to specialize in xenoanthropology, and has in a sense done so, though not formally. His interest in the variety of cultures humans and non-humans alike can develop has led him to study and visit as many as his assignments allow; while he is not totally familiar with all the cultures in the Empire, he is the Ranger normally called on when there is an inter-cultural problem.

MEERCLAR, Subsector 9-F:

No. systems: 111                         Sector: Ursa  
  with 3 inhabited planets:  5           Ruled by:
  with 2 inhabited planets: 12
  with 1 inhabited planet:  28

HPUJE-7895-2835 (? 2518-20 Nov 2572) Found 18 Jun 2518 by Subsector 6-G Rescue Service, alone in an escape capsule from which all identification had been removed. He appeared to be approximately four months old, and medical tests showed him to have been a subject of major genetic engineering (which explained the lack of identification, if not the abandonment).

Raised on New Bavaria by a series of foster parents who found him difficult to cope with. He enlisted in the Subsector Navy in 2536, then deserted in 2538, stole a ship, and began a career of piracy. A charismatic leader, he soon attracted other criminals and became head of a pirate fleet which eventually spread its operations out of Sector 6, making it an Imperial rather than a local concern. Several Imperial agents attempted to infiltrate; all, until Nevan DarLeras in 2570-72, were uncovered and killed. Melgarie himself died when Nevan was able to call in a Fleet strike which destroyed the pirate base.

Imperial Ranger. Took part in Mjolnir Conference, 2542. Killed in White Order attack on Imperial Palace, 2569.

Heralds or military officers with special commissions to carry particularly sensitive or ceremonial verbal or written messages from the Sovereign or a Ranger. All Messengers are protected with special anti-interrogation conditioning which can be triggered by circumstance as well as by a spoken phrase, and on occasion a volunteer is given special conditioning so à can deliver one of the Sovereign's messages in à's own words and as close to voice as the Messenger can manage. When acting as such, Messengers wear scarlet blouses and travel in scarlet courier-class ships.

Exception: To avoid confusion with Peacekeepers, Messengers operating in the Land Prime universe's Heaven's Republic wear the dress blue blouse with black service dress trousers.

The Imperial Terran Marine Corps and Imperial Terran Navy. Imperial military personnel are very carefully selected; as a rule, enlisted personnel and Academy candidates have the equivalent of a pre-Empire bachelor's degree; by graduation and commissioning, an officer has the equivalent of three or four doctorates, and all ranks are expected to continue their educations. They are thoroughly tested in all physical and psychological aspects, then assigned where their individual aptitudes, attitudes, and training will be most useful. Note that this definitely includes a person's preferences, part of the Empire's pragmatism: a person does better in a job à likes, so it is in the Empire's interest to put à there. If for some reason it is necessary to put someone in a job à =doesn't= like, à will be there as briefly as possible.

MINOTAUR, Subsector 2-D:

No. systems: 129                         Sector: Hydra 
  with 3 inhabited planets:  6           Ruled by: Woodward family
  with 2 inhabited planets: 12
  with 1 inhabited planet:  27

The Ondrian plant that is the only source of rapid-heal. Originally wild, it has been intensively cultivated since 2532, when humans and Irschchans established a colony for that purpose. Miracle- weed has been grown on other worlds, but does not thrive or produce usable rapid-heal.

MITHRA, Subsector 6-D:

No. systems: 146                         Sector: Scorpio
  with 3 inhabited planets:  4           Ruled by:
  with 2 inhabited planets: 12
  with 1 inhabited planet:  23


Sector: 5, Pegasus                           Year:
Subsector: B, Sleipnir                       Day:
System: Thor                                 Gravity:
Settled/established: 2154                    Axial tilt:
By: North Americans, Scandinavians           Oxygen:
Satellites: 2 (Gnasher, Grinder)             % Water:
Ident code prefix: MJO                       Continents:
Ruled by: Klaes family
Arms: On a platinum field, a mallet proper, head upward, with a thong through the handle's end.

General: Stopping point of the Sandeman Eruption, 2542.

(2542) The conference Ranger James Medart called in a successful attempt to end the Sandeman invasion of Sector Five. Mjolnir at the time was a Sandeman protectorate; its Baron Klaes declared it extraterritorial so the two sides could meet on neutral territory. The war ended due to what Medart likes to call "sweet reason, backed by five battle fleets" -- though to his amusement, the Sandemans saw the fleets and Imperial weaponry as a temptation rather than a threat, and joined the Empire for the chance to use them.

A group of related alternate universes. Exactly where one multiverse ends and another begins is not definite, since there is overlap, sometimes considerable. Grouping alternates into multiverses, though, makes it easy to refer to such a group without having to identify each alternate by its official designation.

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