RA, Subsector 1-D:

No. systems: 133                         Sector: Orion
  with 3 inhabited planets:  3           Ruled by:
  with 2 inhabited planets: 10
  with 1 inhabited planet:  23

RAMMAN, Subsector 12-A:

No. systems: 100                         Sector: Eridanus
  with 3 inhabited planets:  3           Ruled by:
  with 2 inhabited planets: 14
  with 1 inhabited planet:  24

Established by Emperor Chang in 2128, this group is made up of multi-talented, genius-level generalists chosen for a number of qualities including (but not limited to) intelligence, common sense, adaptability, realistic idealism, loyalty to the Empire, no close personal ties, and -- since 2569 -- Talent. They are generally chosen young, trained on the job for two or three years by another Ranger. They are the Sovereign's personal representatives and troubleshooters, doing what the Sovereign would if à could be in ten places at once. They have the right to wield Imperial power at need, though if time permits, they will always consult with the Sovereign before doing so. It is they who choose the Successor, in theory any qualified Imperial citizen but so far in practice always another Ranger.

Their working uniform is forest green with a platinum circled-star badge, black leather equipment belt and boots, and a sidearm of the Ranger's choice. Semi-dress adds a silver-trimmed cloak with the Imperial Arms.

RANKS, Imperial Military:

            Marine Corps                                  Navy

Officers                                  Officers

Commandant, ITMC (5 stars)                Fleet Admiral (5 stars; 1 wide & 4
                                                regular stripes)
General (4 stars)                         Admiral (4 stars; 1 wide & 3 regular
Lt. General (3 stars)                     Vice Admiral (3 stars; 1 wide & 2
                                                regular stripes)
Maj. General (2 stars)                    Rear Admiral (2 stars; 1 wide & 1
                                                regular stripes)
Brigadier General (1 star)                Commodore (1 star; 1 wide stripe)
Colonel (Eagle)                           Captain (Eagle; 4 regular stripes)
Lt. Colonel (Silver oak leaf)             Commander (silver oak leaf; 3
                                                regular stripes)
Major (Gold oak leaf)                     Lt. Commander (gold oak leaf; 1
                                                narrow stripe between 2 reg.)
Captain (2 silver bars)                   Lieutenant (2 silver bars; 2 regular
First Lieutenant (1 silver bar)           Lieutenant Junior Grade (1 silver
                                                bar; 1 reg. & 1 narrow stripe
Second Lieutenant (1 gold bar)            Ensign (1 gold bar; 1 regular

Enlisted                                Enlisted

Sgt. Major/Master Gunnery Sgt.            Master Chief Petty Officer
First Sgt./Master Sgt.                    Senior Chief Petty Officer
Gunnery Sergeant                          Chief Petty Officer
Staff Sergeant                            Petty Officer 1st Class
Sergeant                                  Petty Officer 2nd Class
Corporal                                  Petty Officer 3rd Class
Lance Corporal                            Spacer
Private First Class                       Spacer Apprentice
Private                                   Spacer Recruit

A drug derived from Ondrian miracle-weed which speeds the healing of injuries by a factor of about 3.5 for a standard human or Traiti, about 5 for a Sandeman non-warrior, and about 7 for a warrior. It cannot be used on infected wounds, and the increased healing speed causes increased appetite and fatigue.

Inter-universal raiders. They are not life as Imperials usually understand the term; some scientists believe they are not really life at all. From time to time, at unpredictable intervals, they erupt into a random universe and -- if that universe does not have a technological and population level near the Empire's -- devastate it and proceed to another. However, no Empire-level civilization is attacked more than once, because a civilization at that stage can, and so far always does, defeat them. After such a defeat, the Ravagers retreat, and it is several years before they attack again anywhere. This is the reason Empires in various alternate universes cooperate to develop Empires or the equivalent in still other alternates.

RATRI, Subsector 13-C:

No. systems: 43                          Sector: Crater
  with 3 inhabited planets:  4           Ruled by:
  with 2 inhabited planets:  8
  with 1 inhabited planet:  23


Sector: 5, Pegasus                           Year:
Subsector: A, Bayard                         Day:
System: Lindbergh                            Gravity:
Settled/established:                         Axial tilt:
By:                                          Oxygen:
Satellites:                                  % Water:
Ident code prefix: RED                       Continents:
Ruled by:

Human Imperials follow all of the major religions from before the Empire, and many of the minor ones, though all have been modified to a greater or lesser degree by the discovery of other worlds and races. There are also new religions, of which Omnism is the commonest, and the Traiti faith picks up some human adherents after that War.

RELIGION, Sandeman:
Created, like most of Sandeman culture, by the Shapers, this is a polytheistic faith loosely based on Shinto, Islam, and Odinism with a strong emphasis on honor. The deities are warriors and warriors'-women who have died in honor. They have no particular duties in the sense of most Terrestrial pantheons; they are more of an example, a goal to strive for. However, it is believed they will occasionally come to the aid of a worshipper in extreme straits, or sometimes give a helping hand simply because they feel like it.

The afterlife is much like life, only better. For the warrior caste, it is a blend of Valhalla and the Mohammedan Paradise; for Others, it is what they had before, but better and with more intensity.

Although reincarnation was not a part of the original religion, there is one sect of Others who believe that if they please the gods during their first life, they will be reborn into the warrior caste and have a chance to become gods themselves.

RETALIATOR, Subsector 19-F:

No. systems: 107                         Sector: Leo
  with 3 inhabited planets:  7           Ruled by: 
  with 2 inhabited planets: 12             
  with 1 inhabited planet:  28

ROC, Subsector 10-B:

No. systems: 99                          Sector: Aquila
  with 3 inhabited planets:  3           Ruled by:
  with 2 inhabited planets: 13
  with 1 inhabited planet:  20

The combined law enforcement and military services of the Kingdom Systems. Each planet's Enforcement Service operates independently, but all are ultimately responsible to the High King, and the only uniform difference is the planetary insigne on the collar.

The RES is divided into the regular forces, who operate much like police in the Empire, and Special Operations, which are most similar to the ITMC's Special Forces. Until recently, because of the dangers of their work (average lifespan is less than two years), Special Ops personnel were required to be sterile and unmarried; these requirements can now be waived if the person is a member of one of the new extended Families.

Special Operations has recently acquired a subdivision called the Strike Force. It is designed as a number of quick-response anti-terrorist teams which operate under very liberal rules -- particularly its Inquisitors, who operate under Writs of Immunity issued by the Pope and High King. Under these Writs, anything a Strike Force Inquisitor (or the people working with à) does in the belief it is for the Systems' protection or in their interest, except regicide or narrowly-defined treason, cannot be punished.

Unlike Imperial forces, the RES has very few women, and at this point only two are officers.

The highest Enforcement rank is Colonel.

RUCHAYA (Traiti):
Clan parent. Used by any of a clan's younglings to any of its adults, though à will generally refer to à's birth-parents as "ka'chaya" (female parent, mother) and "es'chaya" (male parent, father).

RUDRA, Subsector 12-D:

No. systems: 54                          Sector: Eridanus
  with 3 inhabited planets:  5           Ruled by: 
  with 2 inhabited planets: 10             
  with 1 inhabited planet:  22

RUHAR (Traiti):
Literally "clan fellow-member"; Clanmate.

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