VADER, Clan (Sandeman):
The first clan founded after Overthrow. Named for the Saga's Black Lord, it is the arbiter of the most delicate questions of honor. It specializes in energy weapons, the development of one of which, the lightsaber, required controlled-length laser beams, which has had considerable effect on many fields of Imperial technology.

Developed by Solar Federation researchers in 2096, veranol is a pale blue liquid which remained the only reliable means of insuring accurate testimony until the mindprobe was developed in 2543. Although it is still used for that purpose when mindprobes are not available, its primary use now is in the anti-interrogation conditioning given Imperials in sensitive or senior positions. There is speculation that it is also used to condition IntelDiv field agents to help them maintain cover identities during covert investigations, but Marine Corps authorities refuse to comment.

A ship carrying Imperial nobles and/or senior officers will use special designations to inform others of that fact. A vessel carrying the Sovereign will drop its name and use either "Navy One", "Marine One", or (in the rare case of a civilian ship) "Empire One".

Ships carrying other VIPs retain their names, identifying the senior's rank, whether crewwen or passenger, by the following Distinguished Visitor codes:

    DV-1:   Ranger
    DV-2:   Duke, Fleet Admiral, or Commandant of the Marine Corps
    DV-3:   Earl, General, or Admiral
    DV-4:   Count, Marine Lieutenant General, or Navy Vice Admiral
    DV-5:   Baron, Marine Major General, or Navy Rear Admiral
    DV-6:   Imperial Liaison Officer, Marine Brigadier General, or Navy

VIRGO, Sector 16:

Ruled by:                              No. systems: 360
Subsectors: 4                          Inhabited planets: 200
    A. Athena                  C. Ishtar
    B. Isis                    D. Freya

VISHNU, Subsector 18-D:

No. systems: 198                         Sector: Aries
  with 3 inhabited planets:  3           Ruled by:
  with 2 inhabited planets: 10
  with 1 inhabited planet:  21

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