Ann Wilson
and the Terran Empire

I became a science fiction fan at age 10, when I stumbled across Arthur C. Clarke's Sands of Mars, and promptly got hooked. I didn't become involved with anything but reading and media until shortly after Star Wars, however, which inspired me to begin writing and other fannish activities such as helping organize the Raumschiff 1 SF club (Ramstein Air Force Base, Germany) and helping with its clubzine, plus a mostly-Trek zine back in the States, Antithesis.

I eventually got tired of writing in others' universes, as being too restrictive, and created my own Terran Empire multiverse. For a while that was strictly in print, in various small press zines (including my short-lived Bifrost. It later went on-line first on Genie, then moved to Delphi's Science Fiction Fandom Forum, spent some time at SFF Net, and had a short-lived web forum of its own here on Delphi. It is continuing to grow as it was intended, as a shared multiverse involving interactive fiction.

News Flash!
Thanks to a webmistress with far more than my limited amount of web knowledge, the non-interactive fiction is now available on the web as free downloads.

The Terran Empire Concordance can be found right here, and while it won't be as meaningful if you haven't read the stories, it can give you a feel for a multiverse I really enjoy. It's always growing, as the stories evolve, so consider it as permanently under construction. Outside of my fannish activities, I enjoy reading, spinning, crocheting, lapidary, and whatever else happens to catch my interest at any given moment.

I now have a spinning page. It has three pictures, so depending on your connection, it could take a while to load. Ann's Spinning Stuff shows some of the spindles I make, plus my spinning/computer work area, and my prep area. Ann's Blue Ribbon Quilt page shows a picture of the quilt that won a blue ribbon at the 2002 Delaware state fair! And here are pictures of my prize-winning quilts from the 2003 Delaware state fair.

And, new as of 19 Feb 1998, a catalog page where you can buy them as well as look at them.

Friends' and other pages:

Ghost, aka ShadowWolf
Elspeth Sapphire

Other places I find interesting:

Marine Corps goodies.
Links of Interest to Fandom
The Electronic Zoo
Hubble Space Telescope

For those of you brave enough, below is a picture of me in costume as Her Most Gracious Majesty, Empress Jess Winters of Alternate Sierra.

Ann as Jess

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