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Home > Books & Reviews > Decks > Egyptian Pyramid Oracle Search

Divination Set Review:
The Egyptian Pyramid Oracle

Designer: Verona McCall
Book and Card Set
Publisher: Llewellyn
Publication date: July 2002
ISBN: 1567184480
View Sample Cards
Price & More Info: Click Here


The Egyptian Pyramid Oracle is a unique divination deck. This deck is a set of 25 cards full of Egyptian symbols. There are about as many cards in this deck as runes in the set of Norse runes. The available symbol set is much larger than that of the runes as each card has a number of symbols on it. This oracle is read much like a tarot deck, six cards are selected and laid out in a spread. The meaning associated with each card mixes with the meaning of the position the card is in to give the oracle's message.

The cards themselves are divided into five suits, called "houses," of five cards each. The five houses are Change (associated with water), Inspiration (air), Power (fire), Temptation (spirituality), and Change (water). Each house has an intricate border design which surrounds the symbolic design of that particular card. As ancient Egypt doesn't fascinate me the way it does many others, I don't find the artwork all that inspiring. However, the art itself is good and the use of color is excellent. I suspect someone more interested in Egypt than I am would get a lot more out of this deck.

The Egyptian Pyramid Oracle comes with a miniature 3x5 inch book of 172 pages describing the houses, the cards, their divinatory meanings, and how to read them. A large appendix explains the significance of the various symbols used on the cards which is a nice aid to interpreting readings. Three extra cards are included which summarize the houses, show the layout, and summarize the meanings of the positions within the layout respectively. The only thing really missing is a sample reading or two.

The box back claims that the Egyptian Pyramid Oracle offers a system that is much easier to learn than the Tarot. With only 25 cards to deal with instead of the 72 card of the Tarot, this deck probably is much easier for a complete beginner to learn and use, even with the limitation of only one small book available to help. With the Tarot, however, one has hundreds of books and teachers available to help grow from basic knowledge to mastery. The Egyptian Pyramid Oracle lacks this. Once one learns the basics from the included book, mastery must come solely from experience. While this has its good points, it is something one should carefully consider before purchasing this deck just because it is easier to initially learn.

Reviewed by Randall

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