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Home > Books & Reviews > Decks > Vikings Tarot Search

Tarot Deck Review:
Vikings Tarot

Artist: Sergio Tisselli Deck
Publisher: Llewellyn (Lo Scarabeo)
Publication date: August 2003
ISBN: 0738704156
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Price & More Info: Click Here


Vikings Tarot is a Viking-themed Tarot deck. This deck was painted by Sergio Tisselli is in a soft and diffused style. Many of the pictures are somewhat indistinct, as if seen through an invisible fog. To be honest, I don't care much for the art style selected. I'd have preferred bolder and clearer illustrations -- and much more symbolism on the cards. That said, some of cards are brilliantly evocative of the Viking era and full of symbolism. At the other end of the scale, there are a few cards so indistinct that I could not tell what the the illustration is supposed to depict without cheating and looking in the booklet.

The Major Arcana depict the Aesir and places associated with them such as Asgard. The suits of Minor Arcana depict giants (wands), the Vanir (cups), dwarves and elves (pentacles), and humans (swords). According to the key in the accompanying booklet, each card in the Minor Arcana depicts a specific event or person from mythology. The deck seems to be fairly standard in interpretation and in basic symbolism, although the art style makes it harder to pick up and read than it needs to be.

This deck comes with a small 64 page booklet filled with tiny text. Only one-fifth of the booklet is in English (the other languages are Italian, Spanish, French, and German). This booklet provides background information on the deck as well as a brief description and meaning for each of the cards. Each of the Major Arcana receives a five to eight line description and a couple of lines of interpretation keywords, while each Minor Arcana card only receives a one or two line descriptive title and three keywords or phrases to aid interpretation. One non-standard tarot spread is described.

The Vikings Tarot is an interesting attempt at a Viking-themed Tarot deck. With better illustrations it would probably be a much more successful deck. This isn't a deck to give to a beginner as he will probably find it frustrating to learn to read. A more experienced reader will have fewer problems, but will have to study the deck before trying to seriously read with it. A collector who has an interest in Norse mythology will find this deck worth considering.

Reviewed by Randall

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