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Home > Article Library > Webcrafting > Affordable Pagan-Friendly Web Hosting Search

Affordable Pagan-Friendly
Web Hosting For Pagan Sites

by Randall

Pagan-Friendly Web Hosting?

If you have looked for an affordable web host for a Pagan site, you know how hard it can be to find a web host that is affordable enough, powerful enough, and reliable enough but has terms of service that are Pagan-friendly. Many affordable web hosts have terms of service that make it very easy for those who oppose Pagan religions to get a site removed from the web.

There are some affordable web hosts who ban Pagan sites outright. They obviously are not Pagan-friendly. But there are many more subtle content policy traps. For example, most affordable web hosts ban "adult material." This sounds reasonable -- and even Pagan-Friendly -- until you realize that adult material is far broader than just "porn." Does your site have a picture of some ancient statue of a God with bare breasts? That might be considered "adult material" if some Fundie complains. Do you mention, or link to a site that mentions, the "Great Rite'? Some web hosts would consider that adult material. Want to post a review of a book on sex magick? Some web hosts might consider that "adult material" if someone complained. Free hosts are usually even worse with their terms of service and your viewers often have to put up with all sorts of ads: banner ads, pop-up ads, pop-under ads, and whatever else the free web hosting company can think of.

There are many other options. As you probably know, this site ( hosted with Dreamhost for many years and the webmaster highly recommends it as it has the best combination of low cost, features, reliability, tech support, and few content restrictions he has found. (Read more about why we hosted with Dreamhost here. The only reason we left was the need for an affordable, high-powered Virtual Private Server option to handle our very active message board.) Lunar Pages is another affordable web host with few content restrictions. Unfortunately, this about exhausts the "ideal" options. However, there are a large number of other low cost web hosts to choose from if you do not think your content will be much of a problem.

For your convenience, we are listing a few of the more popular and better known choices below -- being listed in this list should not be seen as a recommedation or endorsement by The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum. The "Customer Rating" listed for each host ranges from 1 (low) to 10 (high) is provided by The Cheap Web Hosting Report. Note that the information listed on the rating, costs, and features of each host's lowest price plan is accurate to the best of our knowledge in late 2009 but may be inaccurate by the time you read this article. Some hosts change their offerings almost weekly.

Be sure to check each host's terms of service, acceptable use policies, etc. carefully for any "fine print" terms that may be unacceptable to you. Generally, you will find something at least slightly troublesome in every host's policies, so selecting a hosts is seldom simple.

Pagan-Friendly All-Stars

These web hosts are stand out as very Pagan Friendly and Free Speech Friendly -- and are known to host a number of Pagan web sites.

Host Cost and Major Features
Dreamhost Cost: $10.95/month ($49.95 setup - $0 if 1 year or prepaid)
unix, unlimted storage, unlimited bandwidth, bandwidth accounts, shell/ftp accounts, php5/cgi/fastcgi/ruby on rails/unlimited mysql databases, host unlimited domains, 1 free domain name.
Cheap Web Hosting Report Rating: 9.5
Lunarpages Cost: $10.95/month (free setup - $8.95 if 1 year prepaid)
unix, unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, php/cgi/mysql, Fantastico script library.
Cheap Web Hosting Report Rating: 8.7

Other Hosts to Consider

These sites are less friendly to free-speech and minority religions, but are still hosting Pagan sites for many fairly-happy with their web host Pagans.

Host Cost and Major Features Cost: $7.95/month ($30.00 setup - $7.95/$0 if 1 year prepaid)
unix, 4000 megs storage, unlimited bandwidth, php/cgi/unlimited mysql databases (1 gig storage), host unlimited domains and sub-domains, free domain name, Do-It-Yourself Website Building Tool with thousands of templates, unlimited ftp accounts, clustered servers. Windows hosting also available at similar prices.
Cheap Web Hosting Report Rating: 9.7
JustHost Cost: $7.95/month (free setup -- $5.95 if 1 year prepaid)
unix, unlimited storage, unlimitet bandwidth, php/cgi/unlimited mysql databases, frontpage support, host unlimited domains and sub-domains, free domain name, RVSiteBuilder, unlimited ftp accounts. ruby on rails support, 1 click installs for popular scripts, custom file.
Cheap Web Hosting Report Rating: 9.4
Easy CGI Cost: $9.95/month (free setup - $7.96 if 1 year prepaid)
Windows 2003/Windows 2008 Server, 3500 megs storage, 350 gigs/month bandwidth, 2.0/php4/cgi/50 mysql databases, unlimited Ms Access databases, .NET Framework 3.0, Persits AspUpload/AspEmail/AspJpeg, ServerObjects AspHTTP, Frontpage available. Uptime guarantee..
Cheap Web Hosting Report Rating: 9.4
Hostgator Cost: $9.95/month (free setup -- $8.95 if 1 year prepaid)
unix, unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, php/cgi/unlimited mysql databases, Frontpage available, Soholaunch web site designer, host unlimited domains and sub-domains, Fantasico script installer.
Cheap Web Hosting Report Rating: 9.2
BlueHost Cost: $7.95/month (free setup - 1 year prepayment required)
unix, unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, php/cgi/50 mysql/50 postgreSQL databases, Frontpage ready, 2500 mail boxes, unlimited subdomains, 1 free domain registration, Fantasico script installer.
Cheap Web Hosting Report Rating: 8.7

Some Hosts to Avoid

According to reports from multiple Pagans who use or have used these hosts, here are some well-advertised low-cost web hosts that you may want to avoid. The usual reason most hosts are on this list is that they went from very realible to very unrealible as they grew and/or their customer support/tech support is very poor. These hosts are listed in alphabetic order.

dot5hosting, Globat, Host Save, Hostony, Infinology, midPhase

Free Hosting Options

We are not going to suggest any specific free web hosts as they (and their offers) change rapidly. Instead here are links to a few sites which track free web hosts. Be sure to check the policies of any free web host you are considering as some free web hosts have policies that basically give them your work to republish as they wish and other strange things.

Important Note

The Cauldron may receive an affiliate payment if you sign up with one of the web hosts listed here.

About The Author

Randall is the founder, webmaster, and Co-Host of The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum.

Pagan-Friendly Webhosting

Dreamhost offers high-quality, low cost web hosting with a dedication to free speech.

Dreamhost Features

· unlimited web space
· 50 gigs personal file space
· unlimited bandwidth
· unlimited email boxes (POP3/IMAP)
· unlimited ftp/shell accounts
· unlimited domains/subdomains
· php5, cgi, python, fastcgi, ssi
· zend optimizer, ruby on rails
· unlimited MySQL 5 databases
· announcement lists
· discussion (aka mailing) lists
· Jabber server, Custom DNS
· Crontab and Shell access
· Web-based Control Panel
· One-Click installs of the Wordpress blog & others
· 1 free domain name
· helpful tech support
· 100% Uptime Guarantee
· and much more!

All for $10.95 a month with a $49.95 setup fee (pay for a year in advance for $9.95 a month and there is no setup fee). Pay two years in advance and the price drops to $8.95 a month. (And there is a 97 day money back guarantee!)

Click here to read why we've hosted with Dreamhost.

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