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Home > Rituals > Wiccaning I Search

A Wiccaning Ritual I
by Coven of the Fertile Earth


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Author's Note: This is the text of the Wiccaning ritual Carol and I used for our baby. We were lucky enough to have three other covens in the area to join with us in welcoming Arnie to the world. It seemed to be well received.

Remember that the ceremony is more for the adults than the child! It is more important to make sure that the feelings come through than to follow a set form. The Wiccaning ceremony is:

  • a reminder that the child has chosen to be born to you;
  • an introduction to the physical and spiritual aspects of the world by meeting the elementals and the Lord and Lady;
  • a naming ceremony;
  • the parents verbalizing their feelings by stating vows (very important IMHO);
  • community building by allowing all present a chance to verbalize their feelings.

Cast Circle

We gather together as a Circle of friends to welcome one of our own back to the community. In past lives we have lived, loved, and fought together. It is with great rejoicing that we greet one who has returned.

His spirit is one with us, as he has shown by choosing to reincarnate in this time and place. But his body is new, and must be introduced to the ancient ways of our people.

Parents hold child facing north. Priestess moves to the north holding salt.


I call to the North
Powers and creatures of Earth
Greet this child,
And give him your blessings.

Sprinkle baby with salt. Parents then hold child facing East. Priest moves to the east with censer.


I call to the East,
Powers and creatures of Air.
Greet this child,
And give him your blessings.

Cense child. Parents then hold child facing south. Priest moves to the south with the sword (or wand).


I call to the South,
Powers and creatures of Fire.
Greet this child,
And give him your blessings.

Touch baby with the flat of the blade (or wand). Parents then hold child facing the West. Priestess moves to the west with the chalice.


I call to the West,
Powers and creatures of Water.
Greet this child,
And give him your blessings.

Sprinkle baby with water. Priest and Priestess return to Altar, parents and child stand on the other side of the altar.


Woden and Freya, Lord and Lady,
We bring this young child before You,
Asking that You embrace him in body and spirit.
Protect and guide him upon his path,
and witness that we accept him into out community
In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust.

(parent's names), have you chosen a Wiccan name for your child?

Yes, -------

(baby's mundane name), your parents have chosen (------) to be your Pagan name until you come of age. You have honored them by being born to them. Now, they return the honor with these vows:

Parent's state their vows to the child; generally to love and respect and protect the child and to be an all around good parent.

The Lord and Lady, the watchtowers, and all present bear witness to the naming of this child, and to the vows made by his parents. It is time for the community to welcome (------). Greet him and give him your blessings.

Priest and Priestess give their blessings, then parents take the baby around to meet the rest of the Circle and receive their blessings.

As adults coming into the Craft, we tend to emphasize the rite of initiation into the mysteries. Yet, as important as that is, initiation is only one of many rites of passage to be experienced in a lifetime. (------) has experienced his first rite of passage and his first Circle. May the Gods grant that the members of this community will be there to guard and guide him as he grows to reach other rites of passage.

Cakes and Ale or close Circle

Written by: Coven of the Fertile Earth
PO Box 174
Mechanicsville, VA 23111-0174
Permission is granted to distribute, use and adapt for personal use.

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