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Home > Chat Logs > Samhain Ritual (30 Oct 2003) Search

2003 Samhain Ritual Log


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This is the log of The Cauldron's October 30, 2003 chat, which was an online Samhain ritual. This log may have been edited to remove extraneous comments.

Sperran: Welcome to the Ritual.

Sperran: Please take a moment to focus and center.

Sperran: Breathe deeply.

Sperran: Relax, and prepare yourself to shed the mundane concerns of the physical world.

Sperran: Prepare yourself for the thinning of the veil as we recall our departed loved ones.

Sperran: As you inhale and exhale slowly, concentrate on the inner world of the spirit.

Sperran: Take the salt water an sprinkle it on yourself and your tools. Focus on purifying and consecrating yourself for the rite to come.

Sperran: When you feel ready to begin the ritual, signify this by typing ().

Angelfly3: ()

Sperran: ()

Sperran: I will now invite the spirits of the four quarters.

Sperran: Spirits of the air and the East, that which is changable and terrible. We welcome you and your energy into this circle.

Sperran: Spirits of the fire and the South, the heat that sustains us, we welcome you and your energy into this circle.

Sperran: Spirits of the West and the water, the womb that nurtures us, we welcome you and your energy into this circle.

Sperran: Spirits of the North and the earth, the solidity and that which feeds us, we welcome you and your energy into the circle.

Sperran: If you would like to welcome your Deity or other benevolent spirit into the circle, please do so at this time. Type () when you are finished. Simply type () if you do not wish to.

Angelfly3: ()

Sperran: Oh my God and Goddess, my Lady and Lord, I welcome You to this gathering. May our words and deeds be pleasing unto You and beneficial to our fellow human beings. In your Divine Name, I ask your blessings upon all who gather here.()

Sperran: The welcomes are extended; the Circle is cast. Blessed Be.

Sperran: This evening we gather to celebrate Samhain, a time when the veil between the past and the present grows thin.

Sperran: We gather here to recall the previous years and to gather closer that which is dear, and to cast aside that which has harmed us.

Sperran: +

Sperran: Let us begin by celebrating that which we wish to preserve.

Sperran: At this time, you should light your white candle. Put your photo or other mementos near the candle. Repeat these words aloud:

Sperran: My beloved who have passed over, this night I celebrate your lives. I honor all that you have given me and continue to give me.

Sperran: Place food or drink offering near the candle. Repeat the words below aloud.

Sperran: I present you with this small gift, as a symbol of my continued devotion and love for you. Please accept it with my thanks for your presence in my life.

Sperran: At this point, if you wishes to share a story, a prayer, or a wish for or about their beloved who have passed over, please feel free to do so. Type () when you are finished. If you do not wish to add anything at this point, simply type ().

Sperran: I wish to offer a prayer for my family that has gone before. My grandpa, my aunt Francis, my Uncle Lloyd, my Uncle Dale.

Angelfly3: I honor and feel honored by your presence in my life, both when it was physical and now in spirit. I will remember the lessons and love you have given me, the gentleness of Grandpa, the strength of Nana, the laughter, joy, and love of all of you. ()

Sperran: All my Beloved. You are in my thoughts every day. I know that life is such that we must now reside separately, but I pray that some day we may stand in Glory together.()

Sperran: Hold your hands before the white candle. Feel the warmth from it, as the love of those gone before illuminates us.

Sperran: Take a few moments to cherish and hold that love, and type () when you are ready to return to the circle.

Sperran: ()

Angelfly3: ()

Sperran: While there are parts of the past that we should cherish and hold dear, there are also those elements of the past from which we should free ourselves.

Sperran: Sometimes these are bad habits; sometimes these are painful episodes that replays again and again in our minds.

Sperran: The next part of the ritual is intended to help remind us that sometimes destruction is necessary before new growth can occur.

Sperran: At this time, you should light your black candle. Pick up the paper that has written on it that element of the past that you wish to discard. If you realize there is something you would like to add to the paper, do so now.

Sperran: When you are ready to continue, please signify this by typing ().

Sperran: ()

Angelfly3: ()

Sperran: Light the paper with the flame of the black candle, and place the burning paper into your fireproof container. Repeat the following words aloud:

Sperran: As this flame doth consume this paper, so doth my will consume the negativity of the past. As this flame uses this paper as fuel, so shall my will use past failures, sadness and defeat to fuel my spirit and my dreams of the future.

Sperran: If you would like to share what was written on your slip of paper, or to make comments about how the symbolic destruction of the past negativity makes you feel, please do so now. Type () when you are finished. If you do not wish to add anything at this point, simply type ()

Angelfly3: ()

Sperran: I wish to leave behind my unremitting anger, my fear and obsession with death, and my spiritual exhaustion. ()

Sperran: At this point, the circle is open for sharing. If you have anything at all you would like to share, please do so now. This could be about the ritual, what Samhain means to you, etc.

Sperran: Type () when you are finished. If you do not wish to add anything at this point, simply type ().

Sperran: Samhain is very special to me. It gives me a chance to honor my beloved, and look at Death in a healthy way.

Sperran: I have great difficulty dealing with those that have passed over, my doubts of the afterlife cause considerable pain. Samhain helps me to believe they are still nearby, and I need that. ()

Angelfly3: Samhain allows me to realize the parts of myself I often hold at bay, the parts that look to night, to shadows, but perhaps more importantly to me, it allows me to remember - both my past and my loved ones who have gone before

Angelfly3: it allows me to feel a connection, and it brings me to a time of rest and comfort, when I can remember in peace rather than with the violence of grief...Samhain is a time of comfort, a pause in the pace of the world ()

Sperran: Thank you for sharing, Angel.

Angelfly3: Thank you, also, for sharing

Sperran: If you have nothing further to share, we should bid farewell to our spiritual guests.

Sperran: I thank the Spirits of my Beloved, for visiting me this evening.

Sperran: I wish you well in your Golden place, and thank you for remembering me.

Sperran: I thank the Spirits of the East and the Air, for the change you have helped us enact this evening.

Sperran: I thank the Spirits of the South and of Fire, for the negative thoughts you have consumed this evening.

Sperran: I thank the Spirits of the West and the Water for the cleansing and purification lent ot us this evening.

Sperran: I thank the Spirits of the North and the Earth for the sustenance we have offered this evening.

Sperran: I bid you farewell and Bless your efforts in this circle tonight.

Sperran: At this point, you should begin readying yourself to leave the circle. Focus on the physical world around you.

Sperran: Feel yourself solid and present as you prepare to leave the mystic state of the circle behind.

Sperran: At this point, you should snuff out your candles and spend a moment in reflection. Breathe slowly and continue to return to the physical world.

Sperran: Ground and center in whatever way you feel most appropriate. Repeat the following words (or sing if you know the tune) aloud:

Sperran: The circle is open, but unbroken.

Sperran: May the voice of the Goddess be always in your heart.

Sperran: Merry Meet and Merry Part and Merry Meet again.

Sperran: The Circle is now open. Blessed Be.

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