The Arriani deity, depicted as an attractive human female but of no other set appearance. Although not specifically a sex deity, her followers do consider sexual activity a form of worship particularly pleasing to her (especially with a gynandra or, if off-planet and able, with a woman).

The smallest of the Imperial spacegoing craft. It is shaped rather like a streamlined bus, and is about that size. Its commonest use is as a shuttle between a spacecraft too large to land and a planet (from which it gets its name), but it is also useful for suborbital flights. While the configuration is usually for passenger transport, palletized construction allows rapid reconfiguration when necessary.

A tonal language that gives their Imperial English a pleasant lilt. Like German, it combines small words to make larger ones as a matter of course, and the grammatical structure is also similar to German. Some of the terms that have made their way into Imperial English, though primarily used only in the Traiti Sector, are found under their individual entries.

LANGUAGES, Sandeman:
Pre-Empire English, called Standard, and a modified version of Classical Russian, called High War Speech. Since the Shapers left Terra before Imperial English was widely accepted, they retained the old alphabet and irregularities (mostly in plurals). Standard is the Sandeman common speech used by both castes.

The purpose of High War Speech, as far as the Shapers were concerned, was another way to set the warrior caste apart. By Annexation, it was less exclusive; most Others had learned at least a little, and as long as they used formal mode to warriors and w'women, no one objected. (Familiar mode is restricted to battle-companions, lovers, and one's thakur or 'na.) There is a technical combat vocabulary, however, that remains mostly restricted to warriors since they are the only ones with a real use for it.

LANSKY, Brandy P.:
RBY-2193-1075. Born 2181 on Herbert's World, became Ranger in 2199, was elected Successor in 2280, and was Sovereign from 2315-2333.

LAST GIFT (Sandeman):
The gift of a swift death, asked when a person (usually a Sandeman) has been too seriously wounded, or is too ill, for medical aid to do more than prolong death. Between Sandeman's overthrow of the Shapers and its annexation by the Empire, their medicine was primitive enough that this was seen as an unpleasant necessity to prevent further suffering. As Imperial medical personnel have said repeatedly, Sandeman medicine then was little more than first aid; even something as minor as an abdominal wound was normally fatal.

The Empire has few laws, but the ones that do exist are strictly enforced, unless there is a very strong reason for not doing so -- with the Sovereign the only one able to grant waivers.

And Imperial law is kept purposely simple. Pre-Empire lawyers would be appalled, because if a law is obscure or easily misinterpreted, it is rewritten until it is clear to anyone of average intelligence and subject to only minimal interpretation by the officer judging a case. As with any decision short of the Sovereign's, such a judgement may be appealed, but only on substantial grounds.

The ones so far covered (there are others) include the following:

      No noble shall attempt to exercise control over any fief other than the
            one à is responsible for.
      Attempted crimes are punished in the same way as one that was
      The penalty for murder of or assault on an Imperial noble is death.  No
            mitigating circumstances.
      The penalty for murder of or assault on an Imperial servicewen is death
            or life imprisonment.  The judging officer may consider
            substantial mitigating circumstances.
      A child born to parents of differing cultures will, as far as possible,
            receive the benefits of each culture most favorable to the child.
      Massive genetic engineering of humans is forbidden.  (This is generally
            interpreted as engineering not required to correct a medical


Sector: 8, Centaurus                         Year:
Subsector: D, Pan                            Day:
System: Poe                                  Gravity:
Settled/established:                         Axial tilt:
By:                                          Oxygen:
Satellites:                                  % Water:
Ident code prefix: LEN                       Continents:
Ruled by: 

General: Most inhabitants are receptive empaths, and have difficulty coping with non-empaths, so few leave Lenore. (Barbara Tennison & Sylvia Stevens)

LEO, Sector 19:

Ruled by:                              No. systems: 953
Subsectors: 6                          Inhabited planets: 348
      A. Hundingsbana      D. Hofud
      B. Galatine          E. Graywand
      C. Gungnir           F. Retaliator

LERAS, Nevan Dar-:
SNDNS-6894-7693 (7 Jul 2547-24 Jun 2855) Graduated IMA 2569, first in class; commissioned into SecuDiv and assigned to IBC Emperor Chang. Awarded Sovereign's Medal, merit promotion to 1Lt, and choice of assignment for his actions in the Palace assault that ended the White Order rebellion. Graduated IntelDiv Field Agent School, 2570, again first in class, for which he was given a merit promotion to Captain. He was then assigned to investigate the Melgarie pirate fleet, but went beyond a simple investigation; in 2572 he was able, with the unwilling aid of Melgarie's lover Neyse Greenfield, to arrange the fleet's destruction. For this he received a second Sovereign's Medal and promotion to Major.

In 2574, he swore personal fealty to Ranger Corina Losinj. On an assignment for her in 2578 (checking the security protecting IntelDiv field agents while attempting to deliver the personal weapons his father Kelly had bequeathed to one who had saved his life), he met and rapidly became friends with his "target", Kiyoshi Owajima. ("Ambush")

When Empress Losinj died in 2624, Nevan technically reverted to his status as an IntelDiv Major, though one with a grace-and-favor apartment in the Imperial Palace and a lifetime income independent of Corps salary. However, the new Sovereign, Jasmine Wang, asked him to continue his special services to the Sovereign without the oath of fealty. Since he was positive his thakur would have wished that, even though she had not asked it of him, he agreed; as a result, until his death in 2855, the various Sovereigns had a personal special agent who, until his fealty oath, was the best field agent in IntelDiv.

LERAS, Riordan Dar-:
Warleader of the Sandeman fleet that approached Mjolnir in 2541. When he was defeated in a duel with Gaelan DarShona, Baron Frederick Klaes' thakur-na, he was honor-bound to provide protection for Klaes' world, which he did by leaving part of his fleet on guard there. Grandfather of Nevan, through Kelly.

LESSA, Subsector 7-E:

No. systems: 46                          Sector: Cygnus 
  with 3 inhabited planets:  3           Ruled by:
  with 2 inhabited planets: 11
  with 1 inhabited planet:  27

A persistent, but non-addictive, aphrodisiac with no known side effects. Effects vary from simple receptiveness with a trigger dose, to release of all cultural sexual restraints with a stronger one.

LIFE-DEBT (Sandeman):
The debt a Sandeman clan owes one not of that clan who gives one of its members Last Gift. This always means the person may ask Last Gift of any clanmember, whether battle-companion or not, with the certainty it will be given, and for a captured warrior, if captured that he will not be tortured for information. (W'women and Others, by custom, are always immune from torture.) A specific individual repayment is between the giver and the receiver's clan-chief.

A cocoon-shaped field medical unit which is capable of providing total life support.

An energy weapon developed by Clan Vader of Sandeman, inspired by the ones in the Star Wars trilogy they call the Saga. As in the Saga, it is a large hilt containing the powerpack and other equipment needed to generate a controlled-length, high-intensity laser beam "blade". It first came to Imperial attention in 2542, when Leigh DarVader bequeathed his to Ranger James Medart as a death-gift. At that time the powerpack would support less than five minutes' blade activa- tion, making the saber impressive but of little or no practical use. Within two years, however, Imperial scientists were able to develop a powerpack that lasted over half an hour, making the saber a practical hand-to-hand combat weapon. With distance weapons far more popular with most Imperial citizens, however, they are still seldom seen outside Subsector Sandeman.

The Vader clan's development of controlled-length laser beams, though made specifically for the saber, has proven to be a significant one in other fields as well, leading to numerous improvements in technologies from medicine to heavy equipment manufacture. It has also, since Ranger Medart assisted them in obtaining an Imperial patent on the process, made the clan extremely wealthy.

Another name for toli berries .

Traiti unit of distance, 2.58 kilometers (1.59 miles).

LOSINJ, Corina:
RCJ-2958-5865 (2548-19 Feb 2624) The first non-human (Irschchan) Ranger, she was recruited by Ranger James Medart in 2569, when she reported the White Order's impending rebellion. In the course of stopping that rebellion, she and pattern rapport, which revealed that he possessed a strong Talent, including a healing aspect she had not previously encountered. She helped him train it as much as possible during the trip to Terra, completing it after the rebellion was over. Testing then showed the Sovereign and other Rangers also had strong Talent, and Losinj trained them as well. That degree of Talent, regardless of its specific aspect, was immediately added to Ranger qualifications.

She accepted Nevan DarLeras as thakur-na in 2574, was elected Successor in 2577 on Emperor Forrest's death, and succeeded to the Throne in 2603. She died in bed, with Nevan in attendance, in 2624.

Terra's only natural satellite, site of the Imperial Navy's Prime Base and main shipyard.


Sector: 17, Indus                            Year:
Subsector: C, Poseidon                       Day:
System: Hellespont                           Gravity:
Settled/established:                         Axial tilt:
By:                                          Oxygen:
Satellites:                                  % Water:
Ident code prefix: LUP                       Continents:
Ruled by: Capparucini family
General: Home of Jael warrior culture.

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